Relive The Glory Days of Drag Racing
Incredible, 60's vintage, Detroit big block power.  All driver,
all motor....  The way drag racing was meant to be.










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Contract issues with the new BSD management have led to the cancellation of our race and the subsequent participation in Flashback Friday.

Also note that the Labor day race at Maple Grove is being rescheduled due to the "No Prep" race running there that weekend.


Race #3 Maple Grove 7/15

We will be situated in the exhibition area at the top of the hill near the staging lanes. Cars and trailers may be dropped off as early as 6PM Saturday if you so desire.


Race #2 Capitol 6/16

Not my “Father’s” Oldsmobile……….

Son, Aaron, defeats Dad, Wayne Shipley on Father’s Day……….

Capitol Raceway June 16, 2018 – Our season started out with us scheduled to return up to Numidia Raceway (race# 1), but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate forcing a
cancellation of the day’s event and for the 422 Allstars to get going later in the season than usual.

Great weather greeted us at race #2, Capitol Raceway in Maryland. Despite several race cars being broken, we still had eighteen teams show up. Craig Balmer drove his “Thanks Mom”
1963 Plymouth Savoy to the number one qualifying position with a splendid .001 reaction time followed by 2017 champ, John Warehime (.015), Kevin Grasson (.020), Dave Siltman
(.033) and John Reed rounding out the top five with a .038.

Eliminations got underway Balmer taking out Tom Sneden, Dave Siltman in his “father’s Oldsmobile, yes, really to Henry George, Jr. in a sleek blue 1965 Dodge Coronet, Warehime over
Cliff Sebring driving the “Damn Yankee” Dodge, Ron Ladley overcoming Leo Sekulski in his refreshed 1963 Galaxie. Leo had broken the motor mid-2017 and had Jay Zolko bring it back
to life, multi-time champ, Kevin Grasson eradicated Curt Rubendall of a chance to move into round number two, Steve Shipley over Bob Stren Sr., John Reed finished the day for Tony Silipena
and Aaron Shipley closing out round number on removing Frank Pellegrini, who was driving the 422 Motorsports 1967 Fairlane house car.

Round two saw Balmer lead off with a bye run clicking off a 10.932 second elapsed time on his 10.90 index, Wayne Shipley moved into the quarter finals in a close race against Henry George, Jr.
via a .146, 10.236, 10.15 to George’s .176, 9.543, 9.45 (.033 mov), Warehime eradicated Ladley .131, 10.209, 10.15 to Ladley’s .144, 10.588, 10.50, Grasson posting a .085, 10.291, 10.15 to
Steve Shipley .101, 11.725, 11.60. M.O.V., less than .001 of a second and the closes race of the day! To end the round, Aaron Shipley nailed a .055, 11.060 on a 11.05 dial to John Reed’s
10.432 elapsed time on a 10.40 and a .113 reaction time.

Quarter-finals; Wayne Shipley .065, 10.197, 10.15 got around Craig Balmer .103, 10.913, 10.90, Warehime with the bye Aaron Shipley conquering Kevin Grasson. The two drivers were separated
by only .001 at the start, but Shipley ran closer to his index .088, 11.068, 11.05 to Grasson .087, 10.183, 10.15 standard, .014 mov.

Next up were the semifinals with Aaron Shipley earning the berth into the finals by means of bye and match up between the number one and two top finishers of 2017, John Warehime and Wayne
Shipley.  The coolest part was this was a heads-up run with both drivers in with a 10.15 dial/index. Wayne took the win as Warehime ran out with a .114, -10.142 breakout to Shipley’s .044, 10.210 pass.

So here we go, Father’s Day with son versus dad, the battle of the two maroon Oldsmobile Cutlass’.  Aaron with a 11.05 dial/index left first with a .064 reaction time running a
11.03 elapsed time to take the win over da, Wayne .093, 10.236 seconds. Another great clean race.

A couple of words about the other Oldsmobile of Dave Siltman; the car was originally purchased and raced back in 1969/70 by his father running out of the Anderson Oldsmobile stable.
The car is a W31 powered post Cutlass running in NHRA F/Stock, which at the time was deemed the better combination for the class.

So, we now have a month to get reading for Race #3, to be held at Maple Grove Raceway on July 15th, where will be competing as part of the Menard’s Super Chevy Show.

*** George Case ***




Allen George passes on...
A long time Allstars, COPO and 409 racer.
Allan raced this past weekend, a true racer indeed.
Prayers go out to his family and friends.


New Payout Schedule Announced


33+ cars will pay $2000
17-32 cars will still pay $1500
16 or fewer will pay $1000

Runner-up adjusted accordingly
Round money stays the same



Please be sure to check your dial.  In accordance with NHRA rules if your dial is wrong and you stage
then you are stuck with that dial.  If your dial is wrong let the starter know before pulling to the line.



Special consideration may be made if you pass away before the first round of qualifying.
You must however personally request this in writing prior to your passing away.  No POA's!



Let it be known to all that Facebook  is a public forum.  The comments posted by the public are
the opinions of the individuals not necessarily that of the 422 Allstars staff and management.



Thanks to Your Way Video and Cecil County Dragway.


Oaks, PA.  Wanna relive the factory Super Stock wars of the 60’s. The 422 All Star Nostalgia Super Stock Series
will allow fans to do just that. All 60’s big blocks, all lettered, dual quads, all motor, all cool,  no slicks on the wrong
end of the car, no cars that came to America on a boat. Just plain old classic Detroit Iron
with open exhausts and not a prayer of ever being driven on the street.

The show consists of 427 Fords and Chevy’s in addition to Chrysler Hemi and wedge big blocks with a dose of
AMC  and Pontiac big block power. Many original factory drivers and true legends of the sport who are willing to
talk with fans and relive the “Golden Age of Drag Racing”. A one day show that will move quickly on the track
schedule with minimal breakdowns and a .400 Sportsman tree that can reduce or eliminate red lights.


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