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to CLIFF SEBRING our 2008 ALLSTARS points champion



Race #1 CECIL 4/19/08
Race #1 at Cecil went well.  A bit smaller  turnout than expected for a bonus payout race.  It was a wonderful
sunny day for racing.  Qualifying and eliminations went well.  The first race in a new series could you could have
anticipated some problems.  The All Star officials had a handle on the situation and pulled it off seamlessly. 
When the dust settled John Warehime took home the big check.


Race #2 NUMIDIA 5/3/08
An unexpectedly good day of racing.  Grey skies a little morning drizzle and cool damp air threatened to wash out
the day.  The weather scared the fans away.  With only 18 cars in the field a few racers may have opted to stay
home also.  The friendly track staff did an excellent job accommodating the All Stars.  Would have been great for
 them (and us) if the sun and fans had shown up.  This week Cliff Sebring took home the bacon with
his Mopar grocery, I mean, station wagon.

Round 1
Pellegrini beats Doughty, Ramsey beats Sekulski, Silipena beats Wynn, Vargo beats Youmans, Nies beats Warehime,
Sebring beats S. Dimino, J. Dimino advances through broken bye of Mangione, George beats Zolko, Henderson beats Cook.

 Round 2
Pellegrini advances through competition bye - by taking out number one qualifier.
Ramsey beats Silipena, Vargo beats Nies - red light, Sebring beats J. Dimino, George beats Henderson.

Round 3
Ramsey beats Pellegrini, Vargo advances through competition bye, Sebring beats George.

 Round 4
Ramsey advances to final through broken bye of Vargo, Sebring advances to final through competition bye.

Sebring beats Ramsey - red light.


Race#3 MIR 5/10/08
OK, enough of this.  Will the person or persons doing the rain dance please stop!!!
Sure looked like a wash out but the race still went off.  Four hours late but we still managed
to run a full ladder and get home before dawn on Sunday.  Early on it appeared that the 422
Motorsports Comets were up to their old tricks.  In the semis Jay Zolko brought on the red
light and Ed Youmans fell asleep at the tree (it was getting late) ending their run.  This resulted
in a final with the Mopars of Cliff Sebring and Gary Nies.  Once again Cliff cashed in.

For detailed results from MIR click here.
Everything from the the time slips for everyone every round as well as the qualifying results.
This info is provided by the tower staff at MIR.  My thanks go out to them.


Race #4 ENGLISHTOWN 6/1/08
It's hard to believe, the season is at the halfway mark.  The rumor mill had it that there could be 28 cars for this
race.  Where was everyone?  The weather was great, no threatening clouds just sun, a few clouds and a breeze. 
Good to see our friend Jim MacKenzie out for a race too bad mechanical problems took him out.  Balmer, Gudat
and Sandberg also returned after a 2 race hiatus.  Jay Zolko defied the odds again with another perfect light to be
top qualifier.  Qualifying ended the day for a few cars due to mechanical problems.  Between these broken cars and
red lights the first round of eliminations was dismal.  The subsequent rounds were much better.  The lone AMC was
on his game and plowing through the field.  The final pitted Sandberg's Mopar against Gudat's AMC and both were
having a great day.  Sandberg's red light put Gudat into the money.  Sandberg was later overheard to say " always
a bridesmaid ......... ".

ENGLISHTOWN was also accommodating enough to supply us with a round
sheet as well.  For results click here.
A Gift certificate for dinner at the Pit Stop went to Keith Wynn for best engine compartment.

Race #5 Beaver Springs 6/14/08
Once again there were a lot of cars missing from the action. Once again Zolko was #1 qualifier.  Does this give him
a Hat-Trick?  It was three in a row, but the first 2 were .000 this was an .027.....you decide.  Qualifying went rather
well despite a track that seemed a little slippery to some.   Then, well, let me just say it with a picture.

Competitors will receive points for tech, qualifying and first round. 
Tentatively payouts will be added into the end of year points bonuses.

A Gift certificate for dinner at the Pit Stop went to Dave Stubbs for most improved reaction time (64%). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Race #6 Mason Dixon 8/17/08
For the second time this season the weather was on our side.  Blue skies with a few little clouds, not too hot, just an all
round great day for racing or most anything else for that matter.  Qualifying went well with one exception.  John DiMino Jr.
shredded his driveshaft in the first round.  To make matters worse, he had a spare and spit that one out in the second
round.  This left 22 cars in the event.  Top qualifier was newcomer Dawn Perdue (422 Motorsports '63 Galaxie) with a  .004
light.  The track wasted no time, elimination rounds went off fast and before we new it we were to the finals.  With the
beautiful sky, the backdrop of the rolling hills of Maryland and the local church sitting at the end of the track, the need
to embellish the final round a little (maybe a lot) is overwhelming.

It was a fine Sunday in Boonsboro Maryland.  The Sebring and Zolko families were loading up the family station wagons
for a quick trip to church.  Mr. Sebring has gotten the first parking space almost all year.  Mr. Zolko would really like to
park there today.  Mr. Sebring and Mr. Zolko know just how long it takes to get there.  Mr. Sebring drives a bit slower
and must leave on the first bell to arrive in time.  The younger Mr. Zolko drives a bit faster and must leave on the third
bell.  The first bell rings and Mr. Sebring is off in the blink of an eye.  The third bell rings while Mr. Zolko yawns and he
leaves the driveway a little late.  It is a beautiful scenic ride down the lane.  In the church parking lot, much to Mr. Zolko's
dismay, Mr. Sebring had earned the coveted first parking space once more.  Mr. Zolko now had to make the long walk
in from the second space.


Race #7  U.S. 13/Delmar 9/21/08
Once again the weather man was on our side and we had a decent number of cars for the event.  Sorry, I don't have a
 copy of the ladder to report accurate race results and I don't trust my memory.  Here is a points rundown.  At this point
in the season the points race has separated into 2 main battles.  Sebring and Zolko in a fight for 1st & 2nd.  Points leader
Cliff Sebring seemed a shoe in for the championship coming into this semi-final meet.  A spun bearing dashed his hopes for
clinching the title before Maple Grove.  Zolko's loss in the second round allowed cliff to hold on to an 11 point lead going into
the finals. With 40 points between 2nd and 3rd, Cliff and Jay are virtually untouchable in their 1-2 fight at The Grove.  Beyond
this, it is anyone's guess as to where the 3rd thru 10th drivers will end up.    A 23 point spread among 8 drivers makes year
end predictions difficult to say the least.  I will go out on a limb and predict 3rd place to be one of the following drivers.  In
alphabetical order; Chet Cook, John Dimino Jr., Stephanie Dimino, Fred Henderson, Steve Ramsey, John Warehime,
 Keith Wynn or Ed Youmans.  I could be wrong, as a no show by Zolko or Sebring (doubtful) could tighten this race further
thru the loss of the 20 "all event" points.


The Finals - Race #8 Maple Grove 10/12/08
The finals in any series tend to be a big deal and this race was no exception.  A 32 car field!  We hope to have that for normal
events in the future.  The weather was great and with an AA of just over 500 ft. the cars were running well. 
The facilities at the
grove were excellent as usual (except for the problem with the tree).  Cliff Sebring came back from his disappointing spun bearing
in race seven in grand style.  As usual he raced his heart out.  Cliff went to the final and took his 4th win of the season.  Cliff
has shown his excellence as a racer all season and took the championship by a whopping 30 points.  Jay Zolko, last years NSCA
champion, came in second, still 45 points ahead of anyone in the third thru tenth battle.  Jay unfortunately scattered his brand new
Jerico in qualifying.  He managed to rebuild it between rounds (thanks to the tree problem) only to loose to Ken Montgomery Jr.
 in round two by .006 seconds.  Sure would have been fitting to have a Sebring / Zolko final at the finals!  Cliff the seasoned veteran
and Jay the talented and sharp newcomer fought a gentlemen's battle all season.  Finishing second in the first two races launched
Steve Ramsey high enough in the points to take a third by 5 points over John Dimino Jr. and Ed Youmans (tie) in the fourth spot.
Steph Dimino wound up one point behind little brother John to take sixth.  This rounds out the top of the chart for the 2008 season.
For the rest click here.

For round sheets from the finals click here.


Oaks, PA.  Wanna relive the factory Super Stock wars of the 60’s. The 422 All Star Nostalgia Super Stock Series
will allow your fans to do just that. All 60’s big blocks, all lettered, all dual quads, all motor, all cool. No Toyota’s,
 no slicks on the wrong end of the car, no cars that came to America on a boat. Just plain old Detroit Iron with
open exhausts and not a prayer of ever being driven on the street.

The show consists of 427 Fords and Chevy’s in addition to Chrysler Hemi and wedge big blocks with a dose of
AMC big block power. Many original factory drivers and true legends of the sport who are willing to talk with fans
and relive the “Golden Age of Drag Racing”. A one day show that will move quickly on the track schedule with
minimal breakdowns and a .400 Sportsman tree that will reduce or eliminate red lights.


Oxford, PA  Working overtime the last few months, Rich Maitre of the NA Shootout series and Richard Lamont, along with the entire
422 Motorsports crew, have combine forces to bring an exciting day of racing to each NA Shootout event in 2008. The Nostalgia Super
Stockers will be running their program right alongside the N/A Shootout cars.  When asked why, Maitre had this to say, "The Nostalgia
Super Stockers are a great fit with the NA program since all of their cars are also naturally aspirated and show quality pieces.  This
will bring a whole new level to the series."