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Congratulations to Cliff Sebring

The 2010 422 Allstars Points Champion



Maple Grove Dragway, The 2010Finals

Gallery is up,  Sorry for the delay.  Well, I suppose it's better late than never.

The cold seemed to keep people away but the track was fantastic.  Plenty of bite and good air had the
422 Allstars super stockers screaming.  Mother nature still had her way with us by the end of the day.   
As the cool evening air swept in over the track frost set up and eliminations had to be halted.  We had
reached the semifinals.  Remaining were Dave Collette with a bye,  Paul Hillier and Jay Zolko.  King
Richard called the knights to the round table for a discussion.  With Dave Collette having a bye he was
the only one assured a position in the finals.  This was enough for all to agree that Dave was the winner.
Jay Zolko and Paul Hillier were of course declared tie for second.

Dave Collette on his way to a win at "The Grove"

My sincere apologies go out to Dave Collette and Cliff Sebring for not posting their
big news sooner.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.


Capitol Raceway, Sunday, October 24th

Fifth Annual East Coast Regional Nostalgia Drags
No points, just fun and a warm-up for the finals!



U.S. 13/Delmar Sunday, September 5th

24 cars seems to be the magic number for the season!  The track had good bite and the weather was great. 
Last year Ed Youmans destroyed his engine at this event.  After a year off he returned to the same event
with a score to settle.  This time he destroyed the competition round after round with a vengance driving
himself into the winners circle.  Now that is coming back in style.   Gary Nies was doing a fine job winning
himself but had to settle for runner-up after meeting Ed in the final. 

Maple Grove should be an interesting battle.  Cliff Sebring still holds a good lead going into the finals.  He will
still have to stay on his game to secure the championship.  If the stars and planets are aligned correctly John
Warehime can still squeak by and leave Cliff in second.  A mere 12 points separate second thru sixth the final
positions are anyone's guess here.  With 18 points between 6th and 7th it might be safe to assume that the
top 6 will remain in the top 10.  As they say never assume ......  The next 6 drivers are only separated by 10
points and they are all determined to knock out as many as they can.  I'm sure there will be some upsets
and surprises before the dust settles at "The Grove."



 Round sheets   Pg.1     Pg.2


The rain date that was almost rained out!

I'll get to the winners later.  Without a doubt top driver for the day goes to Cliff Sebring.  During the second round
of eliminations Cliff cut a left front tire at the big end of the track.  His car turned hard left despite his efforts to
steer right.  He crossed into the left lane and headed towards the wall.  Some inner instinct said, Cliff, hit the gas.
The resulting weight transfer gave him enough control to narrowly miss the wall and bring the car safely to a stop.
He waved out the window and exited the car assuring us that he was OK.  The car received minor damage  from
the center cone and the shredding tire.  Later Cliff disclosed that he had done a little dirt track driving in the past
probably explaining the inner instinct.  We're all glad Cliff came thru safely (and his car) and will continue fighting
to maintain his points lead.

The weather reports went from bad to worse for this race.  The morning looked fantastic as the sun peered down.
By late morning the clouds rolled in and so did the rain.  The storm only lased a short time, the track dried and the
sun returned for the remainder of the day.  Between the forecast and the fact that it rained all day everywhere but
Mason Dixon, many stayed away.  Just 21 cars and only 20 made the ladder.  2 rounds of qualifying and 2 rounds
of eliminations littered the track with driveshafts, engine shrapnel and shredded tires.  The qualifying sheet and
ladder were littered with red lights (those LED bulbs are known for that).  When the debris settled Jay Zolko took
out Dave Wright in the semi's while Chet Cook strolled thru with a bye.  In the final Jay Zolko chased down Chet
and caught him just in time to turn on the win light.

Semi final





Beaver Springs, a flashback for some!
A great day of racing at "Beaver Bob's".  Warm, not hot, a nice breeze, some clouds, some sun, sure was a welcome
change from the past few races.  Several of our cars started the weekend off at the Flashback Friday event the night
before.  Our own Craig Balmer took home the check in that event making him a consecutive 3 time champion. 

The race Saturday ran quick and smooth.  When the dust settled however there were only 24 cars left for eliminations. 
There were some new cars but several regulars were surprisingly missing.  In the first round many drivers may have
forgotten how to count to 3.  Seemed as though several left on the second yellow while others were waiting for the 4th.
Round two saw the fall of Zolko to Hillier, cook to warehime, MacKenzie to Balmer, DeLoreto to Fort, Woods to Silipena
and Sebring to George.  A 6 car quarter final Hillier lost to Warehime, Balmer lost to Fort and Silipena lost to George
giving George a bye into the final.  Only one real race in the semi's and John Warehime sent Bob Fort packing. 
John Warehime squeeked past Allen George in the final.



Ladder  Pg. 1


Numidia Saturday, July 24
What can I say, I wasn't there but hey, it didn't rain this time!
Bit of a weak turnout with only 24 cars.  24 cars on the 24th, hmmmm.
6th race date of the season but only the 4th completed, 6x4=24, hmmmm.
Is there more to this than meets the eye?  I don't know but I do know this much.
2008 Points champion Cliff Sebring took home the gold.
Defending champion John Warehime took the silver.
Thanks go out to Wilson Pharo for covering for me as photographer.

 Round sheets   Pg.1     Pg.2

32 Super Stockers grace the "Geezers'
Cooler than the MIR race, still rather toasty but dry air.  Much more palatable for both the fans and the
cars.  Still  more regulars in the shop and we had no problem filling a 32 car ladder. 
The track had
originally said we would have only one qualifier and no one was happy.  Leo Sekulski however was ready,
he put up a .003 left almost no chance of loosing top honors.  Jim Picket would have liked to quit after 1
round his .019 would have made him second qualifier but "The Grove" allowed us to have our second
qualifier.  In round 2 Gary Nies and Dave Stubbs jumped into second and third bumping Jim down to 4th. 

Past champions, event winners, consistent round winners, it didn't matter, they were all goin' home early. 
In the semi's Chet Cook bested Dave Stubbs and newcomer (there is that word again this week) Kyle
Reasbeck sent Bob Fort Jr. packin'.  Once again "the newcomer" came out on top in the final as Kyle
Reasbeck held Chet Cook at bay.  I will note here that Kyle Reasbeck did run with us once last year.  I'm
sure this won't be the last we see of him!

Initial testing of
Dink Away and Dink-B-Gone seem inconclusive.  Although he did seem to steer clear
of the pits most of the day we found him consistently hanging in the tower.   We all know Dink's attraction
to the cars and crews.   We overlooked his attraction to towers and microphones and failed to provide the
tower staff the needed protection.  For this oversight we must apologize to the Maple Grove staff.

The finals

The semi-finals

Round sheet   Pg.1  (Round 2 thru final only)

The hottest day of racing yet - MIR

A scorcher of a day yet 30 drivers braved the heat and helped put on a fantastic show.  There were a
couple of no shows that called with mechanical problems  as well as a couple of never shows.  Could
have potentially been a 6 round elimination.  There was a stalwart crowd  braving the intense heat in
anticipation of the show being presented by Maryland international Raceway.   I'm sure the intense
weather kept many home in air conditioning and or the pool.  2 rounds of qualifying with our vintage
Super Stockers grabbed the spectators attention before lunch.   The 30 car parade of Detroit iron
kept the crowds attention during the first round.  The scoreboard told another less amazing story.
In the days of the flagmen maybe no one would have noticed 5 red lights but the board knew.  Back
in the days of 200+ car turnouts and 20 or so heads up classes there was no such thing as a breakout
but we had 9.  Round 2 was a driver shootout and some good ole' racin'.  Round 3 .....  Steve Vargo
made a valiant charge to catch Cliff Sebring but Cliff didn't leave the door open far enough for Steve
to get thru.  Newcomer to the series, David Wright tried handing a win to Sean Pickett but Sean gave
it back to him when he turned on the red.  Fred Henderson must have seen this and thanked the
Pickett's by going red himself giving the win to Jim Pickett.  Jay Zolko, fighting a severe ignition
problem, still managed to hand Kevin Grasson a ticket home.  In the semi-final Zolko's problems
sent him packin and David Wright moved to the finals.  Jim Pickett, still in a giving mood I suppose,
lit the red and sent Sebring to meet Wright in the final.  After seeing all this generosity, Cliff, the
gentlemen that he is, clicked on the red and let newcomer David Wright taste an ALLSTARS victory.

Round sheets     Pg. 1     Pg.2


We did it!!! No rain for Englishtown.

Race #1 (should have been race #3)

A rough start for the 2010 season to say the least.  Two rainouts really put a damper on some spirits.
The 3rd attempt at Englishtown was threatened but went off well.  No rain, a stiff headwind slowed the
cars  some but most important .... they got down the track.  The car count was low due to a conflicting
event.  Qualifying put some on the trailer leaving just 24 cars for the first round.  There were a couple
new entries as well, always good to see more classic sheet metal blazing down the track.  Seems as
though some drivers were a little too excited to finally get a pass.  Four red lights in the first round
should be proof of that.  We got the dust and cobwebs blown out of the cars and drivers during the
first 2 rounds.  The ladder left a 6 car quarter final.  Vargo's hole shot took out Barnhart, Sebring edged
past Woods for the win light and Zolko forced Pellegrini into a breakout.  The semi's gave Vargo a bye
and pitted Zolko against Sebring.  This ongoing gentlemen's rivalry of the long roof cars always results
in a tight nail biter, this one was no exception.  Sebring held on to take the stripe as Zolko charged by.
The track was quiet as the cars cooled down.  The drivers tried too cool down as well, but this one was
for the big check.  Sebring gave up a little too much on the start to make it up at the big end of the
track.  Congrats at Englishtown go to Steve Vargo.

Round sheets      Pg. 1     Pg.2