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ATCO, the Finals
This one you had to see, the championship was not determined until the semi-finals!

Dave Collette took the win and runner-up was Ed Youmans.


Delmar,  Settin' the Stage

Once again Grasson was on the winner's check.  Ed Youmans, the defending Delmar winner had
to settle for second.  Lots of .00 lights for the day but Sean Pickett laid down a perfect .000 reaction
time for top qualifier.  Kevin now has 3 wins for the season. 

This was the last race before the finals.   Youmans had been in 3rd while 6th was being held by Kevin
Grasson.   Points leader John Warehime and second place Sean Pickett were both eliminated in the first
round.  In past years one driver had set himself up for a "lock" (or nearly so) going into the finals.  Not
so this year!  A mere 11 points separate Warehime, Youmans, Pickett and Grasson.  After missing 2
races and thus the 20 point bonus Grassson would appear to be out of contention.  Based on his recent
performances he is still very much a contender.  Chet Cook down in 5th even has a shot with a good
qualifier and a win.  Can't wait to see how the dust settles on this years standings.


Beaver Springs, Bob's Big Umbrella

The Renaissance Faire was rained out.  The Race at Numidia was rained out.  Rain ruined picnics all
over the area.  It rained a little at 8 AM but the track was dry in time for qualifying.  We checked the
radar on our computers and the storm was on it's way.  Big dark gray clouds rolled in and rolled out. 
It sprinkled midway thru qualifying but stopped before the track got wet.  Just to add insult to injury
there were rumbles of thunder in the valley.  All the signs of a washout and yet somehow "Beaver"
Bob managed to run his event start to finish as though there was an umbrella covering the track.

Kevin Grasson and David Wright were on fire from the start.  Kevin was top qualifier with a .001 and
David was running perfect numbers.  They sent the competition to their trailers round after round
and met in the final.  What a race!  No one could tell who won without looking at the win light.  David
was overheard saying "I couldn't see him anywhere, I thought maybe he broke, then when I did see
him it was too late."  That is Kevin's second win and 3rd trip to the finals this season.


MIR, The dog days continue

We've all heard the phrase "fun in the sun" well we tried to have fun but we would have had more
fun with a little less sun.  No horseplay, no jokes, no bench racing just coping with the weather
anyway we could find.  The mid day track temperature hovered near 160.  Traction was minimal to
say the least.  Don't take this wrong, this was no fault of the track,  they worked their sweating butts
off spraying and dragging the track and we greatly appreciate the effort.  Many drivers opted out of
this event for whatever reason; weather, distance, vacation, broken cars, broken transports etc.
As it turned out we only had an 18 car field making for a lot of bye runs in eliminations.  Sure have
seen some real shuffling in the points.  It's shaping up to be a fight to the finish 2/3 thru the season.

In the end Bob Fort Jr. took home the big check.  Bob forced defending Allstars MIR winner, Kevin
Grasson to break out in the final.  In the semi's Paul Hillier had ignition problems handing Bob the
win light while Kevin came thru the semi's with a bye.

Watch the final on Youtube!


Englishtown, Hot Hot Hot

I couldn't attend the event but I collected a few tidbits:

*        John Warehime took the stripe in the final over Tony Silipena.              

 *        The weather was hot and humid, a little drizzle,  ET's were off.              

*        Bob Fort did not have a heart attack, he declared, "I'll be back"           

*        Brant Kelley showed up as a competitor and got off to a good start.    

*         Ciro Mangione's friend "Chef Al" did a fabulous job on the grill.            

*        King Kong attacked Dave Collette's trailer, Dave escaped unscathed.

*        As a result of Daves brush with death, for the safety of the fans and   
             participants "shirts must be worn at all times" may become a rule.

Kudos go out to my backup photographer Wilson Pharo for a wonderful job in my absence.


Maple Grove, "Drill Here, Drill Now"

Freedom from middle eastern oil!  New oil reserves discovered at The Grove! 

As usual there was a fabulous turn out for "The Geezers".  Funny cars, altereds, slingshot dragsters,
classic rods, show cars and 30 of our Nostalgia Super Stockers.  The makings of an incredible show.
The problem was there were so many of these vintage pieces oiling down the track.  The staff at The
Grove did a great job of clean up and prep but with this many fuel cars dumping oil they probably
should have had a much larger cleanup crew.  In the end we were only able to get in 2 rounds of
eliminations before the track curfew forced an end to the event.


Legends at MIR, theMopars Revenge

We got 3 rounds of qualifying!  Good thing.... The first round saw lights approaching 2 full seconds. 
Some were so early the tree wasn't activated.  Some seemed they were waiting to see 3 or 4 more
yellow bulbs.  At least the next 2 rounds were up to par.  In the end Craig Balmer was on the top of
the list with a .007. 

The midday heat started to take its toll on the track and the drivers all was well as the sun settled. 
Dave Collette was having problems with his trademark big red wheel stander and broke out his 'Cuda.
The sox and martin tribute car sure added some color to the lineup.  Took him to the semi's too.  The
day was full of close racing culminating in an all Mopar final with Kevin Grasson squeaking past David
Wright to bring on the win light. 

Watch the final on Youtube!


All Mercury Final at Numidia

Yep, Dyno Don's 64 Comet vs Dyno Don's '65 comet.  Ed Youmans in the '64 Nicholson tribute car
took out  Steve McBlane in his '65 Nicholson tribute car in the final.  Ed and Steve were on a roll with
single digit reactions and even a perfect ET in the record for Youmans. They set up for and delivered
a nail biting final as we approached midnight.  Top qualifier was Gary Nies at .004.  Minor showers
and a couple of spills made what should have been a rather quick race into quite a lengthy day. 

A moment of excitement early in the rounds had Dan Woods doing pirouettes at the big end of the
track.  We are all grateful for the fact that man and machine as well came thru unscathed.  A hose
off the radiator and minor dent in Dan's pride were the only casualties.

View the final here!


The Lion roars at Capitol

A strange day to be sure.  Computer problems in the tower made creating and maintaining the ladder  a nerve
racking ordeal.  Breakdowns took a toll on quite a few during qualifying. There was a surprisingly low turnout. 
A mystery person placed bulls eye stickers on Cliff Sebring's car.  He is the reining champion a bulls eye is
probably the same as having the #1 on the window.  The Picketts found that a miniature Hemi makes a fine
wheel chock for a Pontiac.  What other interesting phenomenon might be in store for us at Numidia!

In the end Leo "the Lion" Sekulski took the stripe over Dave Collette for the win in the final.
Top qualifier went to Sean Pickett.