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Race #1 at MIR "To be Continued"

April 21, 2012, Maryland International Raceway – In what was expected to be a two-day event with qualifying on Saturday
with eliminations on Sunday was for naught as qualifying and eliminations were pushed to an all-Saturday program due to
the deluge of rain expected for late Saturday as well as Sunday. The MIR crew did their best to complete as much as possible
with a round of qualifying and one full round of eliminations prior to the rain ending the day’s activities. The event was also the
first race of the 2012 season for the 422 Allstars with many of its racers bringing out freshly prepped cars for the event.
A total of twenty-two combatants made the trek to MIR despite the grim weather forecast. 

The race will be completed at Maryland Internationals Raceway on Saturday, June 30th weekend in conjunction with race #3, The
Legends at MIR event. On Friday evening, June 29th a test and tune will be run and 422 Allstars racers will complete Race #1.

During qualifying, Chet Cook in his big block powered 1968 Impala along with Dave Collette both nailing the number one spot
with .013 lights! Collette, driving his familiar 1968 Hemi Barracuda claimed the season finale at ATCO raceway. Not to be outdone,
Jim Pickett was a sliver away in his 1963 Pontiac Tempest with a .014, followed by John Warehime in his Chevelle at .017. 

A special note; The Pickett Pontiac crew has now claimed the title of having the quickest Nostalgia Super Stocker in the
422 Allstars Series knocking out a stellar 8.35 elapsed time with their 540 cubic inch Kauffman powered 1963 Tempest
wagon of Elliott Pickett! Former record holder, Frank Pelligrini, who previously set the record with the 422 Motorsport’s
1965 Falcon at an 8.41 has now vowed to take the challenge and go back after the Pickett’s and the record! As a matter
of note, Pelligrini has run as quick as 8.26 at Maryland International Raceway, but destroyed the transmission in the car
and could not back it up………..the rivalry continues!    -- George Case


Race #2 at Numidia

Cliff Sebring nails first win of 2012           David Reitz garners runner-up spot…………… 

May 19, 2012, Numidia Dragway – Event number two (#3) of the 2012 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag Racing Series took place under
bright sunny skies up in the hills of central Pennsylvania at Numidia Dragway. The track located in Catawissa, Pa is operated by the
Dimino family and in recent years has become a favorite “racer’s track” amongst the participants. One big plus added in recent years
was the addition of Mike Summers as the starter and track prep specialists. Mike has many years’ experience working at Maple Grove
Raceway and Cecil County Dragway prior to his present stint at Numidia Dragway and with the positive attitude of the track management
the combination has become a real standout! Since being hired, the track’s reputation has soared and what’s most important to
racers is consistency throughout the event……getting down the track, kudos to Mike and the entire Numidia staff for a great event!

The race saw a total of twenty-four 422 Allstars entries take part in time trials and qualifying. The event in essence was the first fully
completed event since race #1 at Maryland International Raceway was subsequently rained out after first round of eliminations, the event,
race #1, will be completed in conjunction with race #3 (#4) also at MIR with the remaining eleven racers still in competition. (Note; race
#2 was taken off the schedule after Capitol Raceway changed hands in March.) Unfortunately, several of the racers had fell prey to a variety
of issues with their mounts succumbing to broken rears, carburation, electrical, transmission to a pulled valve train stud, but that’s racing! 

Cliff Sebring, the 2010 Allstars Champ, scored his first win of the season defeating the hard charging 1964 Dodge of Dave Reitz in an all
Mopar final. Sebring driving his 1963 Plymouth wagon has been running the same combination for many years, so he knows how to dial the
 car and win rounds. The car is probably the slowest competing in the series running solidly in the high eleven second range, but is also one
of the most consistent, and wins plenty of races. Sebring with an 11.85 second index eclipsed Reitz in the final with an 11.906, 105.57 mph,
.029 r.t. to Reitz’s 11 flat dial, 11.033 second elapsed time with an .067 reaction time pass. Sebring’s MOV (margin of victory) was .015 seconds. 

The semi-finals saw Dave Reitz as the benefactor of a bye run after taking out Tony Silipena in the quarters when Tony pushed his 9 second
1967 Fairlane a little too hard with a -.026 red-light as Dave sped to a 11.01 on his 11.00 index, .090 reaction time. Cliff Sebring on the other
side of the ladder faced off with Sean Pickett and his 1961 Pontiac in the semis with Cliff moving on to the final round with Reitz. 

2009 champ, John Warehime, led qualifying followed by Steve Giordano in the number two spot. Steve incidentally did not make the first
round call after breaking his transmission in qualifying, but stood in front of the grill flipping hamburgers and hot dogs for the drivers and
crews. As mentioned previously, the event went smoothly with all enjoying another fine day at the track.
  -- George Case

Watch the Cliff Sebring / Dave Reitz final here!



Race #3 at MIR Postponed & Race #1 Completed

Grasson picks up MIR rescheduled event win, take two!   John Warehime runner-up………


June 29, 2012, Maryland International Raceway – In what turned into a night of horror for millions of residents of Maryland, Virginia,
New Jersey and Delaware after being hit with an unexpected severe thunderstorm. The weather tore up light poles, blow over
trees and created havoc on the region and several days later many thousands of individual homes still without electric power!
As a side note to the event the 422 Motorsports team suffered damage to their hauler when the storm
suddenly came ripping through damaging the canopy on the trailer. 

The race was the postponed event, race #1, from April that was rained out after first round of eliminations of MIR’s “East Coast
Door Warz” and rescheduled to June 29th in conjunction with the 422 Allstars second visit of the year to Royce Miller’s Maryland
International Raceway. In April, twenty-two racers participated at the first event and the eleven remaining entries all returned to
do battle for the completion of eliminations. Kevin Grasson scored his first win of 2012 after suffering mechanical woes at the
Numidia event in May. Kevin picked up his winning ways scoring the win as he defeated the hard charging Chevelle of John
Warehime. Kevin, one of the younger drivers competing has a long drag racing history having scored several wins in 2011 and
was the past Jr Dragster champion at Capital Raceway.  Grasson’s winning pass in the final was a 10.195 on his 10.15 index with
a .095 reaction time to Warehime’s .129 r.t., 10.473 on his 10.45 index.  

In semifinals, Grasson was the benefactor of a bye into the final with Warehime facing off against Numidia runner-up Dave Reitz
with Warehime sliding into the final taking out Reitz. The quarter finals (round #3) saw Numidia winner, Cliff Sebring, Wayne
Shipley in his ultra-sanitary 442 Oldsmobile Cutlass and Gary Nies wheel standing 1964 Plymouth fall out of competition. Chet
Cook claimed the number one qualifying spot with a .013 light in his 1968 Chevrolet. 

As mentioned earlier, the mayhem from the storm left the region without electrical power and the MIR management was forced
to postpone the event until later in the year. The new date was just announced and is rescheduled for November 10th. As an
outstanding gesture, track operator Royce Miller opened the track to all the spectators and teams waiting at the gate for free,
plus permitted the racers two hours of flag start grudge racing. 

The next event on the 422 Allstars roster is the 33rd Annual Nostalgia Summernationals Old Time Drags at Raceway Park in
Englishtown, NJ July 29th. As they say…”BE THERE”! 
-- George Case

Watch the Kevin Grasson / John Warehime final here!



Vargo victorious at Maple Grove’s “Glory Daze”

Grasson gives it away………………. 

August 4, 2012, Maple Grove RacewayWith temperatures in the mid-90’s and a heat index above 100° it was anybody’s bet who or how
many teams would turn out to compete in race #4 at the “Glory Days” event held at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA. Well plenty
with twenty-five teams lining up to make the customary two qualifying shots prior to first round of eliminations, which got off right on
time. The crew at the “Grove” had everything ready to go for the 422 Allstars to get down the track and racers didn’t let anyone down
running as hard as they could in the sweltering heat!

            Gary Nies led qualifying with a great .007 reaction time driving his blazing blue 1965 Plymouth with Anthony Pappas filling the
number two spot at an .012 driving the Bill Azamura owned 1964 Comet wagon fondly called the “Duck! Pappas, who usually drives
the Norristown Ford 1964 Ford Thunderbolt, succumbed to engine damage at the Raceway Park event in New Jersey last week. Once
again, Frank Pellegrini had his 1964 Falcon running strong recording a low elapsed time of 8.594 seconds.

            The field was mixed with a nice array of Chevrolets, Fords, Mopars and the lone Oldsmobile of Wayne Shipley. Several drivers
had problems with their race cars due to breakage and heat. As the race went on, two drivers really had things under control and
that was Steve Vargo and Kevin Grasson. Grasson, who already has one win (MIR race #1) under his belt was whacking out good
runs round by round taking out Steve Moyer, Steve McBlane, Tony Silipena and Paul Hiller to earn his berth into the final. Kevin’s
Dodge ran a string of 10.20’s with several .00 reaction times! On the other side of the ladder, Steve Vargo was just as vicious
wheeling his 1964 Falcon through the field eliminating Wayne Shipley, Brent Kelly, a bye-run in round #3 and Dave Collette, better
known as “Bigfoot”, to the final matchup with Grasson. Grasson, with the slower car posting a 10.20 dial pushed the tree a little
too far clicking off a -.013 red light to hand the victory to Vargo. Vargo needless to say didn’t care and ran a .021, 9.96, 135.54
charge on his 9.85 dial for the win.

            As they say, another great race is in the books and many thanks to all the teams for putting up with the sweltering heat and thanks
 to the MGR staff for getting the event in despite the possibility of thunderstorms that were expected in the afternoon.

            Race #5 moves up to Beaver Springs Raceway next week (August 11th) as part of “Beaver” Bob McCardle’s “Flashback Friday
Weekend”.  So stay tuned as we are at the midpoint of the 422 Allstars race season. 
-- George Case


Beautiful Racing Weather at BSD

Sebring scores second win at the Beaver!      Ron McClelland runner-up……………

August 11, 2012, Beaver Springs Dragway – The second trip back up to the "Beaver" in 2012 saw a total of thirty-one racers take
the tree for first round of eliminations. Paul Hiller in his classic bright red 427 FE powered Fairlane claimed the number one
qualifying spot with a .004 second reaction time followed by Sean Pickett in his breathtaking 1962 Tempest wagon.

At the end of the day, once again, two Mopars lined up against one another for the final race of the day. The final pitted Cliff Sebring
in his wedge powered 1963 Plymouth wagon alongside the wild wheel standing Hemi Dodge Coro-net of Ron McClelland. Sebring
leaving first with a 12-flat dial whacked the tree with an outstanding .022 reaction time as McClelland sat at the line for another
2.15 seconds waiting for his side of the tree to come down. McClelland ready to pounce on Sebring dropped the hammer succumbing
to breakage destroying his rear-end in the process. As Sebring sped to the win, McClelland would have been hard pressed to beat
positing a winning time of 12.015, 111.27, .022 on his 12.00 dial-in!

Going into to semis was McClelland facing off with An-thony Pappas driving the infamous "Ugly Duckling" 1964 Comet wagon and
Cliff Sebring versus the Dodge of Louis Popp. The quarter finals saw two Mopars and two Chevrolets fall out of competition;
Kevin Grasson, Dave Reitz and the Chevrolets of John Warehime the 2010 champ and Joe DeLoreto in his big-block 1966 Chevrolet.

Three events remain with the top runners only sepa-rated by a few points and several others in to top-10 still in the running
for the 2012 422 Allstars title. As they say, time will tell!  
-- George Case

Sebring - McClelland final Video



Grasson maintains His title at US 13


Reitz takes Atco after 40 year Retirement

Dave Reitz claims makes second final and first win of 2012

"Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill"


Atco Raceway, October 6, 2012The annual fall gathering at ATCO Raceway in New Jersey has traditionally been the final points earning
event of the season for the 422 Allstars. In 2012, a couple of events got joggled around this season with the race at Capitol Dragway in April
being canceled, then rescheduled to October 27th, after a management change at the track and of course, the hurricane that blew through
Maryland in June knocking out the power at Maryland International Raceway forcing that event to be postponed until
November 10th and in turn the final event of 2012.


Kevin Grasson, in his “Bounty Hunters” 1964 Dodge, led off qualifying with a great .012 light followed closely by Dave Reitz at .014.
Ironically, Dave was the original mechanic back in the 1960’s with Tom Sneden as the driver running out of the Bob Banning Dodge
dealership in Hyattsville, MD, but then again, that’s another story! The third qualifying spot was tied at a .019; one for Frank Pelligrini
in his wild low eight second 427 FE powered Falcon and Steve Giordano of Hudson Performance in the Fermier Brothers 1963 Ford
Galaxie 406. Although both drivers recorded .019’s Pelligrini ended in the number three spot as he was the first driver to post the
time and Giordano number four on the ladder.


As eliminations got underway several drivers once again began to assert themselves. John Warehime, the 2009 422 Allstars champion
along with Chet Cook, whom finished in the runner-up spot at the U.S. 13 event in September and seventy-four year old Dave Reitz. The
three were the surviving racers going into the semifinals. Reitz the benefactor of a bye into the final via his number two qualifying position
and Warehime facing Cook in a battle of two big block Chevrolets clicked off the win moving him to battle Reitz for the event win in round
number five. Reitz in his blue and white 1964 Dodge left first on his 10.95 index with a .040 reaction time and sped to the win posting a
10.970, 120.91 mph pass to Warehime’s .081, 10.226, 127.88 mph on his 10.20 index.


As the dust settled for the day plans are now in place to move on to Capitol Dragway in Crofton, MD on Saturday, October 27th for race
number eight of the nine scheduled 422 Allstars events.   -- George Case


Reitz / Warehime final, watch the video



Wayne Shipley Picks up a Win at Capitol

Wayne Shipely drives his 442 into the winner’s circle

Pickett goes red………………


Capitol Raceway, October 27, 2012Capitol Raceway, now under new management has undergone a transformation this season seeing
the track ground and polished, plus upgrades throughout the facility under the tutelage of Bubba Corzine. Bubba having a tremendous amount
of knowledge pertaining to track operations was brought in by the new ownership to get things ready and bring excitement back to the racers
in the Washington DC area. Based on the comments of the racers and those who have attended events at the facility this season have only
been complimentary to say the least! By the way, Bubba was also part of the successful Cross and Corzine race team claiming the 1979
Indy title and NHRA Competition Eliminator World Championship in their C/ED.


The race, starting off with qualifying, saw Dan Woods nip the number one spot driving his 1968 Mustang fastback. Right behind Dan was
Dave Reitz claiming the number two spot. As eliminations got underway the battle was set with who would end up in the final. Wayne Shipley
moved through each round in his 1966 Oldsmobile 442 to match up with Sean Pickett in his Pontiac wagon. As the lights came down Shipley
left first on his 10.25 index to Pickett’s 9.40 index, regrettably Pickett left too soon handing the automatic win the Shipley, who ran a 10.26
second elapsed time. In the quarter finals (round 3) Pickett took out Dave Collette in his Sox and Martin 1968 Barracuda, Shipley received
a bye run and Tony Silipena pairing off against John Warehime with Silipena taking the win light. The semifinals saw Sean Pickett and
Wayne Shipley emerge victorious and move into the final round of eliminations.


One more race to go, the rescheduled Maryland International Raceway from June, when a freakish storm came through knocking out the
power to millions of residents along the mid-Atlantic coastline. As they say…BE THERE!  -- George Case


Shipley / Pickett  final, watch the video



Sean Pickett Makes the Winners Circle at MIR

Sean Pickett two finals in two weeks score win!

Grasson claims 422 Allstars championship…..


November 10, 2012, Maryland International Raceway As they say, “It’s not over til’ the fat lady sings”! With the points battle
heading into its final event of the 2012 race season mathematically several racers could overtake point’s leader Kevin Grasson
(241 pts.). Grasson knowing the caliber of racers chasing him came into the event with both guns loaded claiming the number one
qualifying spot and the eight points for the honor. John Warehime tied in the number two spot with Gary Nies (225 pts. each) now
with a nineteen point deficit slid into the number four qualifying position and the five points awarded to the spot and Reitz in
number eight qualifying spot scored three points, thus extending Grasson points lead by prior to round one by nineteen and twenty
five points respectively. Round one saw Grasson match up against Dan Woods in his ultra-clean 428 powered 1968 Mustang.
Woods leaving first on an 11.10 index dial clicked off a great .019 reaction to Grasson’s slower .073. As both drivers hit the stripe
in a double breakout finish Woods notched the win breaking out by a mere .001 of a second less than Grasson. Woods ran an
11.097 to Grasson’s 9.896! Grasson now out of competition started sweating as chasers Warehime, Nies and Reitz all moved
through round number one and the door now wide open to attack Grasson’s overall point’s lead. Dave Reitz coming off a win at
ATCO Raceway in October, John Warehime and Gary Nies each notching an additional ten points each and making it through
first round of eliminations! Unfortunately, Reitz was taken out in round two by eventual MIR race winner Sean Pickett in his 1961
Pontiac Tempest station wagon. Warehime took the win knocking out rival Gary Nies advancing himself into round number three.
As the quarter finals approached Warehime now had the opportunity to claim the title if all the planets were to align in his favor.
Warehime now in pursuit needed to score the event win to overtake Grasson for the overall point’s championship. In a crucial quarter
final matchup Warehime now faced off alongside Dan Woods, who has really come alive in the second half of the season, nipped
Warehime by .004 of a second and ending Warehime’s chance for a second 422 Allstars championship title. Woods posted an
11.111 (11.10) elapsed time with a .044 reaction time to Warehime’s 10.080 (10.050), .029 r.t. At this point Kevin Grasson
now could breath and notching the title with a final tally of 284 points!


The final race of the year needless to say almost becomes a secondary to the overall point’s chase, but to Sean Pickett and
Frank Pelligrini it was like racing for a national title as well!  The two drivers waded through five rounds of eliminations for the
final event and race of 2012. Pelligrini in his 427 FE equipped 1965 Falcon ran a string of 8.30’s throughout the event taking out
Ciro Magione, Anthony Pappas and Elliott Pickett on his way to meet Sean Pickett. Pelligrini got the bye in the semifinals with
Pickett taking the win over Dan Woods. Woods once again was right there with a .004 reaction time, but ran too quick at the finish
line breaking out with an 11.085 on his 11.10 index, while Pickett’s little blue wagon posted a 9.326 elapsed time on his 9.30 index.
Pickett made his second final in the last two weeks this time taking the win light. Sean went red at Capital Raceway beside
Wayne Shipley ending with a runner-up finish.


With the 2012 season now in the record books plans are once again underway for next season and don’t forget the
422 Allstars banquet this February at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Oaks, PA.  -- George Case


Pellegrini / Pickett  final, watch the video