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Condolences for the Reitz family, friends, teammates and fans. Dave has
taken the stripe for the final time and is now in God's winners circle.



Race 8 Capitol, the Finals

Warehime, Warehime, Warehime, win, plus title…………………….
Aaron Shipley fills runner-up spot

Capitol Raceway Sept. 23, 2017 – The season finale was greeted with a wonderful weather forecast and many racers finishing the year as part of the 422 Allstars
Nostalgia Drag Racing Series before packing up their race cars for 2017. The Finale, our second event of the year at Capitol, went smoothly after losing Race #2
to weather back June. Race #2 was scrubbed and the first time since the series began that a race was canceled totally, not postponed to an alternate date.
Capitol Raceway, our last stop of the year had twenty entries.

Mike Cannon grabbed the number one qualifying position with his trick 1967 Fairlane wagon with an incredible .000 reaction time! Heavy hitter, Kevin Grasson took
second at .016 followed by Aaron Shipley .029, Tom Sneden .033 and John Warehime with an .041 to round out the upper five spots.

Cannon led off eliminations against John Reed in his cherry 67’ Dodge with Reed taking the round as Cannon was a no-show, next out was Kevin Grasson with his 64’
Dodge battling the D & W Motorsports 1968 Cobra Jet, Woods got the win. David Bay, Race #7 winner, lost to Patrick McNulty’s red 1965 Chevelle, Mike Reitz went around
the Mustang of Curt Rubendall, 2016 Champ, Aaron Shipley started his quest for a win taking out Tony Silipena’s cool 1964 Comet, Guy Phillips over Henry George Jr.,
Warehime, who basically locked up the season title via his qualifying, tech and first round points disabled Bob Sterns chances, Tom Sneden ousted Steve McBlane’s
show stopping red Comet, Albert Suhr defeated staging captain, Ron Ladley and Wayne Shipley closing the round over Corey Grabert.

Round #2; John Reed got the by Dan Woods, Mike Reitz past McNulty, Aaron Shipley over Guy Phillips, Warehime moving by Tom Sneden and
Albert Suhr wiping Wayne Shipley’s chances for the day.

Round #3; John Reed advancing to the semifinals around Mike Reitz, Aaron receiving a bye and Warehime taking Albert Suhr from the ladder.

Semifinals; Aaron Shipley making a valiant charge to move into the final eliminating John Reed and Warehime a bye-run.

Final; 2016 Champ, Aaron Shipley trying to counter 2009 Champ, John Warehime, for the race win, but it was to no avail as Warehime scored his
fourth season win and second title in a double-breakout final!

With the race season now complete Warehime blew the competition away this season with 301 pts.! Wayne Shipley #2 with 225 points tracked by son, Aaron, with 221
pts., John Reed fourth 214 and David Bay 186 pts. to close out the Top 5 overall points chase. Interestingly, if Aaron would have taken the event win, he would have
moved into second place eclipsing his Dad by one point 226 to Wayne’s 225. So, for the first time, the top three points earners were all driving General Motors
vehicles after the Mopars reigned with a Ford here and there over the past several seasons.

Note: No eliminations data was provided due to issues with the computer at Capitol Raceway.

---- George Case----


Race 7 MIR

David Bay takes well deserved win at MIR’s “Legends” event
Barnhart drives GTO to runner-up finish…………………………….

Maryland International Raceway Sept. 16, 2017 – One of the more popular spots on the 422 Allstars schedule each year is MIR with former racer Royce
Miller still at the helm operating the International Hot Rod Association owned track. Royce, the former owner is still there running the facility smoothly and
efficiently! The “Legends at Budds Creek” has without a doubt grown over the years with plenty of race cars and spectators to boot. The Allstars had a
great outing with nineteen members participating in the event.

Dan Wood shoed his trusty 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet to the number one qualifying spot with John Reed, Kevin Grasson, John Warehime
and Richard Barnhart rounding out the top 5 qualifying positions.

Eliminations kicked off with Guy Phillips driving around the red lighting Tom Sneden. Phillips 1970 Dodge Dart lit the red as well, but was granted the win via
Sneden’s slower index 10.90 to the Dart’s 10.15. David Bay defeated Henry George in a battle of the Dodges when George went red -.052. Tony Silipena handed
the round to 2016 champ, Aaron Shipley, with a -.017 foul, Richard Barnhart moved into the next round taking out Corey Grabert, who was driving the 422
Motorsports Fairlane. Corey, new to the car ran too quick with a 10.073 on his 10.10 index. Patrick McNulty got the win in a great drag race overcoming Mike
Reitz. Reitz had a .003 advantage at the tree, .052 to McNulty’s .055, but at the end McNulty’s red Chevelle knocked out the win with m.o.v. of .014 seconds.
Wayne Shipley nailed the tree with an awesome .001 reaction time to overthrow Bob Stern’s 1966 Dodge Coronet. Shipley running a .001, 10.385, 10.15 to Stern’s
.269, 11.421, 11.15. John Reed singled for the round as Frank Pelligrini was a no-show. Dan Woods had the bye being the number one qualifier with the odd number
of cars competing. Multi-time champ, Kevin Grasson crushed Ron Ladley’s hopes for the round win. Points leader, John Warehime soloed to
complete round one when Danny Lattimore was a no show.

David Bay led round two off by taking out the Chevelle of John Warehime. Warehime went too quick 10.142 on his 10.15 index while Bay ran a nice .037, 10.524
on his 10.50. The race between Barnhart and Aaron Shipley was very tight with Barnhart taking the win by .003 thousandths of a second; .073, 9.194, 9.15 to
Shipley’s .088, 11.234, 11.20 tight you bet! John Reed handed the win to Wayne Shipley going -.028 red. Dan Woods over Patrick McNulty who broke out by -.008
seconds and Guy Phillips beat Kevin Grasson who also broke out with a 10.661 on his 10.70 index.

Round three (quarterfinals) saw Bay over Guy Phillips who went red, Barnhart ending Dan Woods day and Wayne
Shipley with the earned bye into the semifinals.

Barnhart got the win from Wayne Shipley. Both drivers slowed off their indexes, but Shipley’s .110 reaction time to Barnhart’s .048
was too much to overcome. David Bay singled to the final.

It all came down to David Bay and Richard Barnhart as to who would go home as the event champion. Bay was off first on his 10.50 dial to the 9.15 of Barnhart,
but Bay dispatched a .089, 10.582, 10.50 to claim the title from the GTO of Barnhart with his .071, 9.366, 9.15 run. Great final!

As it stands now with one event to go, Capital Raceway Race #8, it looks like John Warehime will be crowned the 2017 422 Allstars Champion. Wayne Shipley,
now in second place would need to garner all the points available 48 and Warehime not show up to the event (which is unlikely). Both drivers are
eligible for the 30 bonus points for attending each event. See you at Capital Raceway!
   ---- George Case----



Race 6 Maple Grove

John Reed nails solo run for win at Race #6.  The train keeps a rolling for Warehime, runner-up spot……………………


Maple Grove Raceway, August 20, 2017 – The “Glory Days” event at the Grove was another great outing for the 422 Allstars tied into their great nostalgia
show held each year. We had a great turnout with several “new” cars making the show. Each year, we speak with racers/builders all saying I am building
 this or that car to compete in the 422 Allstars series most of the time the cars never materialize for one reason or another but was quite surprised when Mike
Cannon rolled in with his 1967 Fairlane wagon. Nice car…great addition to the series!


The big news, so to speak, was John Warehime once again for the fourth race in a row made it to the final. Unfortunately, in the end, no pun intended, John’s
venerable Chevelle succumbed to rear-end breakage during the semifinals against multi-time champ Kevin Grasson. The Dana 60 at onetime was the rear of
choice for racers due to its massive strength, but overtime lost favorability due to the weight compared to the Ford 9” pumpkin style rear, plus the
manufacturers kept a hectic pace furthering the development in design and improving the metallurgy properties for the Ford style rear-ends. During the
semifinals between Grasson and Warehime, Grasson, the number one qualifier, pushed the tree lighting the red. Warehime with the quicker car 10.15 index
launched the mighty Chevelle only to slow after the rear gave out about 300’ from the starting line. Unfortunately, John was not able to make repairs
to run against John Reed in the final, who was deemed the event champion.

Qualifying as mentioned was leadoff by Kevin Grasson with a .010 reaction time trailed by Aaron Shipley .012, John Warehime .026, Chet Cook .029 and eventual
overall event winner John Reed with a .030. For those who follow the stats from race to race, the same drivers seem to be very consistent from
event to event qualifying in or near the same positions weekly, interesting!

Eliminations kicked off with Grasson leading with the earned bye-run. Dan Woods clipped the wings of Frank Pelligrini driving the 422 Motorsports black
Fairlane, Chet Cook in his second race since returning to the driver's seat was eliminated by Steven Moyer’s 1962 Chevrolet, Richard Barnhart got by Corey
Grabert in his cool red 1966 GTO, Warehime over Sneden, Lou Terra with his 409 1962 bubbletop Chevy outing Craig Blamer, David Bay eradicated John Medaglia.
Medaglia now owns the former Ronnie Evans 409 1962 Chevrolet probably one of the first 10-seconds 409’s over twenty years ago, Aaron Shipley ousting Mike
Cannon, Wayne Shipley’s Oldsmobile over Guy Phillips Dodge Dart, John Reed ended Pat McNulty’s day and Henry George Jr erasing
Sweden’s Tom Gustafsson from advancing to the next round.

Father and son, Wayne and Aaron Shipley, once again faced one another with Aaron narrowing beating his dad to the finish line to start round two, David Bay
drove his Mopar around Lou Terra, John Reed wiped away the chance for advancement for Henry George Jr, Grasson over Dan Woods, Warehime taking out
Curt Rubedall’s Mustang, and Richard Barnhart for the win over Steven Moyer to complete round two.

The quarterfinals saw Grasson defeat Barnhart, Warehime over Bay and John Reed push Aaron Shipley from the field. The semifinals gave the round bye to
Reed with Grasson and Warehime battling for the chance to meet head-to head with Reed. As mentioned above Grasson went red giving the win the Warehime
who broke coasting for the win. Due to Warehime’s breakage and the Maple Grove Raceway township curfew, Race Director, Rich Lamont, made the
call allowing Reed to be declared the winner without making the solo run.

With the points tallied as of Race #6, John Warehime leads with 204 points trailed by Wayne Shipley with 139, Aaron Shipley
129, Curt Rubendall 127 and John Reed at 126. Mathematically even if Wayne Shipley scores wins at the next two events and qualifies number one as well, he would
end up with 231 points. Warehime needs to show up for tech points (10 per event) and lose first round (5 points) and score no qualifying points he will end up with 234
points. So, I guess 2017 will go down as the “Year of Warehime!” John with his big block powered 1966 Chevelle was the 2009 422 Allstars
Champion and always in the hunt right up until the last event.

As they say, another great event goes into the books with plans already underway for Race #7, September 16th at Maryland International Raceway, see you there!

---- George Case----


Race 5 Beaver Springs

Warehime scores again at the Beaver Chet Cook returns and finishes in runner-up spot……………………

Beaver Springs Dragway August 12, 2017 – The “Flashback Friday” or should it “Flash FLOOD Friday,” annual get together at the Beaver was once again a
great happening with plenty of nostalgia style race cars along with a large crowd of spectators and supporters of the beginning of drag racing. Unfortunately,
Friday’s portion was a washout due to torrential rain! Saturday kicked off with positive results, and the 422 Allstars were out in force with
twenty-three participants lining up for round one of the eliminations.

2016 422 Allstar champ, Aaron Shipley, grabbed the number one spot at .024, John Reed second .029, John Warehime .039, Curt Rubendall also at a .039 and
Dan Woods buttoning up the top five with a .056 in the D&W Motorsports 1968 Mustang.

Eliminations began with Phil Badacchino running against Dan Woods and Phil claiming the round when Dan went red -.162, next up was a tale of two Mopars,
Tom Sneden and Craig Balmer both capable of going all the way unfortunately, Craig with a better reaction time .049 to Sneden’s .095 was not enough as he
ran too quick with an 11.116 elapsed time on his 11.15 index, Sneden kept it tight with an 11.068, 11.05 index. Paul Hillier got around the 1964 Galaxie of Mark
Skinner in a heads-up match with both slowing off their index, Hillier .082, 11.104, 10.62 to Skinner’s .231, 12.009, 10.62. Chet Cook made it back into the
fold after a three-year absence in grandiose fashion taking his first-round win over Pat McNulty who succumbed to mechanical problems; John Reed eliminated
the 1969 Super Bee of Henry George Jr in a double breakout match; Reed .054, 10.573, 10.60 to Henry George’s .114, 10.304, 10.35. Curt Rubendall moved his
1967 Mustang into round #2 when Dan Parson pushed the tree going red -.136 handing the round to Rubendall. Tom Gustafsson moved past Tony Silpena as
Silipena went red -.064 in his pristine 1965 Comet. Wayne Shipley made a nice run .022, 10.331, 10.30 to Steve Giordano who went red -.038 driving the 422
Motorsports 1967 Fairlane. Corey Grabert shoeing the 422 Motorsports 1962 Mercury took out David Bay in his 1970 Super Bee via a breakout 10.641 on his
10.65 index. Warehime got a bye as Bob Stern was a no show, Aaron Shipley a bye-run for being the number qualifier and Frank Pelligrini also receiving a
bye with Brant Kelley a no show in his cool 1967 Fairlane wagon to conclude the round.

Aaron Shipley defeated Baldacchino to start round number two, Tom Gustafsson over Pelligrini, Rubendall around Grabert, Warehime knocking out Hillier,
Wayne Shipley abolishing Tom Sneden by .005 seconds; Shipley .053, 10.353, 10.30 to Sneden’s close .043, 11.118, 11.05 talk about tight
racing! Chet Cook soloed into the quarters ending round two.

The quarters saw Warehime over Gustafsson, Cook over Wayne Shipley and Curt Rubendall over Aaron Shipley. The semis started right away with Warehime receiving
the bye to the final and Chet Cook in his 1968 Chevrolet knocking down Curt Rubendall.

Needless to say, seeing Chet Cook in the final in his first event back had everyone on their toes, but John Warehime prevailed for the win when Chet
went red! For Warehime, it was his third win in a row…wow!  ---- George Case----



Race 4 Maple Grove


Warehime grabs second win of season, Race #4 Sean Pickett takes runner-up……………………

Maple Grove Raceway, July 29, 2017 – Bad weather once again loomed over Race #4 with torrential downpours hitting Pennsylvania on and off throughout
the week.   The weather reported; Saturday, the 29th, as a day of rain, but as they say, the weather Gods looked favorably upon us, and the rain
subsided overnight for the event. The Maple Grove Raceway crew did bring out their jet dryer, running it for approximately
forty-five minutes to dry the track in preparation for the day’s happenings.

Qualifying got underway with a little snafu, the tree was set for a Pro tree, instead of our standard .400 Full-Tree. The first couple of pairs of 422 Allstars
runs were scrubbed and the cars moved back into line for make-up runs. When the so-called dust had cleared Aaron Shipley, the 2016 422 Allstars champ
slid into the number one position with a .011 reaction time followed by Warehime .013, John Reed .019, Curt Rubendall .019 and Dan Woods a .038. Incidentally,
Dan was in the first pairs to make a run and clicked off a .010 reaction time, hence with the Pro Tree snafu, but new MGR track operator, Joe Sway, made
the decision to void the runs and give those racers involved another pass. Nobody ever said running a track would be easy and racing,  no matter what
anyone says, is a hobby and form of ego boosting. It all depends on how its effects the individual each will have a different perspective on the outcome.

John Reed and Al Suhr led off eliminations with both drivers banging the tree, Suhr .014, Reed .016, but in a very tight finish line shot Suhr broke out by
.008 on his 9.85 index with a 9.842 elapsed time and Reed running within .003 of his 10.45 with a 10.453. Talk about tight racing! Sean Pickett, driving his
unique 1962 Tempest station wagon, was due to run the 1964 Ford Galaxie of Mark Skinkkon, but Skinkkon broke giving a bye to Pickett, who ticked off a
perfect 9.00 flat on his 9.00 index, wow! Last week’s winner, John Warehime, the challenger was Tony Silipena in his beautiful 1965 Comet, but John scored
the round win with .021, 10.209 on a 10.20 index to Tony’s .078, 10.140, 10.00 index. Next up was Henry George Jr. against veteran racer Tom Sneden.
Henry got the win with a .074, 10.012 pass with Sneden’s engine letting go oiling the track. Wayne Shipley took out the 1970 Dodge Super Bee of David Bay
with a 10.212 elapsed time on his 10.20 index to Bay’s too quick 10.533 elapsed time, 10.55 index. Dan Woods driving the D&W Motorsports 1968 Mustang
Cobra Jet got around the 1965 Falcon of Frank Pellegrini who was a no-show due to breakage. Woods now making a single ran a 10.381, 127.88 mph on his 10.40
dial to move into round #2.  Thomas Gustafsson, from Sweden, is in the United States for about a month and has been competing with the Allstars this season.
Thomas, whom stores his 1963 ½ Galaxie at a friend’s shop in Jersey, claimed the round over last week’s runner-up Curt Rubendall, who broke out with a 10.431
on his 10.45 index. Gustafsson recorded a 10.907 elapsed time on his 10.90 dial-in. Next up saw 2015 422 Allstar champ, Ed Youmans, taking the win over Ron
Ladley shoeing the 422 Motorsports 1962 Mercury. Ladley pushed the tree handing the win to Youmans with a way early -.138 red-light. Youmans seeing the
red on the other side of the tree ran it out the so-called backdoor with an 8.904 pass on his 8.95 index. Ending the round was Aaron Shipley with a single.

Round two saw had Sean Pickett eager to go, when Aaron Shipley went -.007 red. Sean ran a 9.047 elapsed time, his slowest of the day, on a 9.00 index.
Gustafsson got around Henry George Jr via a better reaction time; .090 to .175. Wayne Shipley got by John Reed with a .003, 10.166, 10.20 to John’s
red lighting -.022, 10.452, 10.45. A double breakout run between Youmans and Wood with Youmans scoring the win as
Dan went -.022 red. Warehime had the bye into the semifinals.

The quarterfinals put Gustafsson against Pickett with Pickett running another 9.00 run with a 9.007 advancing to the semifinal. Warehime and Youmans
 now pacing one another, both past 422 Allstar champs with Youmans running too quick on his 8.95 index at 8.927 to
Warehime’s 10.214 on a 10.20 index. Wayne Shipley singled for the bye.

Sean Pickett had a bye into the final with Warehime and Shipley battling for the berth to meet the Tempest wagon of Pickett’s. In a heads-up
(both 10.20 index) Warehime narrowly got the triumph running a 10.192 to Shipley’s quicker 10.169 elapsed time.

The final was anybody’s bet with Warehime staging methodically flickering the pre-stage as the lights came down Warehime leaving first with a
10.20 dial wacked the tree with a .002 reaction time, 10.269, 10.20 to Sean’s .062, 8.999 breakout on his 9.00 standard. The day saw probably some
of the best and closes racing we’ve seen in a longtime! For Warehime, two wins in less than a week (6 days) and handily extends his number
one spot in the points standings with 121 to number two Wayne Shipley with 89 points.

We now have two weeks off until our next jaunt up to Beaver Springs Dragway for the Flashback Friday (non-points earning)
event on August 11th and the Race# 5 also at the Beaver on Saturday, August 12th
---- George Case----



Race 3 Englishtown

38th Annual Old Time Drags & Rod Run, Race #3 Warehime scores win, Rubendall runner-up……………………

Englishtown, NJ July 23, 2017 – Our annual slog to the fabled Old Bridge Raceway Park was once again a great event! The event featured a variety of nostalgia
style racecars and plenty of enthusiasm from the spectators as well as the participants. The event, one of the original nostalgia happenings run in July is
without a doubt the hottest (temperature wise) on the east coast. The weather hovered in the high 70’s, low 80’s, but the humidity was through the roof!
The 422 Allstars were ready for action after losing Race #2 to rain at Capitol Raceway and anticipation was high.

Perennial favorite, John Warehime, led off the qualifying notching the top spot and claiming the six points, followed by Pat McNulty in his red Z16
1965 Chevelle, Craig Balmer, the winner of Race #1 at U.S. 13, John Reed in his cool 1967 Dodge Coronet and 2016 422 Allstars Champ Aaron
Shipley rounding out the top five qualifying places.

Eliminations got underway after starting line ceremonies. Aaron Shipley matched up against Lou Terra driving his 1962 bubbletop Chevrolet with both drivers
hitting the tree .011 Terra, .013 Shipley, but at the end Terra’s 409 was too quick running a 10.839 on his 10.90 index. Shipley ran a great race for the round win
11.218 on an 11.20 dial. Next up, Craig Balmer took out Anthony Bettini with an 11.018, 11.00, .034 reaction time to Bettini’s.072, 10.314, 10.25, Curt Rubendall in a
headsup run against David Bay had Rubendall narrowly take the checker via a .010 margin of victory. Bay ran closer to the 10.50 index with a 10.523 elapsed time to
Curt’s 10.548, but the difference started right at the tree with a .174 reaction time for Rubendall and a .209 for Bay. Tom Gustafsson hailing from Sweden garnered
the win over John Reed with a great .020, 10.934, 10.90 to Reed’s .124, 10.420 breakout on his 10.45 index. In another breakout pass, Stevie McBlane went too
quick his beautiful 1965 Mercury Cyclone running a 9.531 on a 9.55 index as John Warehime marched down the lane with a .049, 10.217, 10.20 on his quest for the
win. Wayne Shipley, the other half of the Shipley Racing stable advanced over Mark Skinner who brokeout 11.885, 12.00. A double breakout saw Pat McNulty take
the win from Tony Silipena 9..522, 9.60 to McNulty’s 10.948, 11.00. Closing out the round pitted Staging Captain, Ron Ladley in the 422 Motorsports 1962 Mercury
facing Al Suhr, who gave it away at the stratline with - .009 redlight handing Ladley a berth into round #2.

As the rounds progressed (second round) Waremime, Balmer, Wayne Shipley and Rubendall moved forward taking out Aaron Shipley, Ron Ladley, Pat McNulty
and Tom Gustafsson respectively. Round #3, the semifinals, placed Warehime vs. Balmer and Wayne Shipley vs. Rubenall, when all was said in done Warehinme in
his trusty 1967 Chevelle along with Curt Rubenall driving a 1967 Mustang proceeded to the final for all the marbles.

Warehime, a past 422 Allstars Champion, moved around Rubenall for the event win, so a great points earning day for Warehime, number one qualifier (6), (10)
Tech and (25) twenty-five the win for a total of (36) thirty-six points for the day! Rubenall, new to the series this season faired well receiving (29) points.

Things should be interesting at Race #4, at Maple Grove Raceway as after two events John Warehime and Craig Balmer has only one point seperating the two with
John now leading the way. Wayne Shipley is twenty points behind Warehime with 56, Patrick McNulty twenty-three at 53, with Curt Rubenall finishing off the top
five with 52. Still, the season is very early and alot can happen in the remianing six events. 
---- George Case----



Race 1 Delmar

Delmar, DE May, 27, 2017 – The 2017 422 Allstars’ race season started later then usual, this year, after losing our traditional start off event at MIR. I am sure the
track operators have reviewed previous seasons monitoring the weather that impacted early season events, so it just makes good business sense to bump some events a
little later and out of harm’s way. New for 2017, we will conduct two meets at Maple Grove Raceway (7/29 and 8/20), along with two at Capitol Raceway (6/24-9/23, the
season finale). The U.S. 13 event customarily run in early September is now our season opener (5/27). Raceway Park, Beaver Springs Dragway and MIR will fall in their
usual places. So, the series will consist of (8) eight points earning events.

Race #1 kicked off with twenty five entries with Craig Balmer nailing the top qualifying position (.012) followed by John Warehime, Al Suhr, and the Shipley gang, Aaron
and Wayne rounding out the top five. Eliminations got underway with Balmer leading with a bye run, Henry George over 2015 Champ Ed Youmans who broke a transmission,
Wayne Shipley defeating Dan Woods with a broken alternator pulley on the burnout, Leo Sekulski terminating David Bay, Curt Rubenall knocking out Al Suhr, Steve Vargo
over Tony Silipena, John Warehime over Tyson Amos, Pat McNulty defeating Tony Bettini, Kevin Grasson over John Reed, Mike Reitz eliminating 2016 Champ, Aaron Shipley,
Louis Popp sacking Tom Sneden, Gary Nies over Stevie McBlane and Frank Pelligrini grabbing the round from Dave Reitz. Incidentally, both Dave Reitz and Tom Sneden
were inducted into the U.S. 13 Hall of Fame during the event ceremony.

Round two was led off with Balmer taking the win over Henry George in a double beak out, 10.927 on a 10.95 dial for Balmer and a 9.960 on his 10-flat index for George. Wayne
Shipley notched another round win when David Bay broke out, 10.479 on a 10.50 dial, Steve Vargo ran right on his 9.75 dial with a 9.758 elapsed time over Curt Rubenall,
Warehime had the round bye, Grasson got by Pat McNulty, Mike Reitz over Popp via a better reaction time and Pelligrini with a great .006 reaction
time to overtake Gary Nies and ending the round.

The quarter-finals saw Balmer take the win over Wayne Shipley, who apparently had trouble slowing off his 10.15 mark at 10.549 with a .036 reaction time to Balmer’s 10.989,
10.95 dial with a .103 reaction, Steve Vargo again ran a dead-on 9.751 on a bye run in his white Falcon, in a battle of past champions, Warehime took the round when Grasson
went -.006 red. Concluding the round, Mike Reitz made a nice pass .035, 11.415 on an 11.40 index to Pelligrini’s early leave (LB3A).

With the semifinals set Balmer benefitted from a single over Vargo, when Vargo had starter problems and was not able to make the run and on the other side of the ladder
Mike Reitz got the win with a great .023, 11.45, 11.40 dial to take out Warehime who went .009 too quick 10.091/10.10, but even if he had run a 10.10
his .124 reaction would have negated Reitz’s .023.

Two Mopars in the final, Craig Balmer’s 1963 Plymouth and Mike Reitz’s 1966 Dodge. As the tree came down, Reitz left first .123, 11.413 on an 11.40 dial, but was surpassed
by Balmer’s .004, 10.960 on a 10.95 index for the win! For Reitz to have scored the win he would have needed a perfect .000 reaction time! Both drivers ran .01 off their dials.

Race #1, 2017 now in the record books and a great start for the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag Racing Series!

(Note: U.S. 13 track operator, Charlie Cathell was injured in a fire during the week after we ran. Reports are that 20% of his body was burned,
but is recuperating and on the mend. GET WELL from the 422 Allstars!)

---George Case---



Robert Lee Fort, Jr., 67, of Collegeville, PA passed away peacefully on January 28, 2017 at Neighborhood Hospice of West Chester. He was born in
Phoenixville, PA on November 19, 1949, the son of the late Robert and Evelyn (McMenamin) Fort. Bob had friends from all different walks of life
because he had so many interests and career paths including: professional trumpet player,
police officer, car dealer, master plumber/electrician,
competitive shooter, and owning a successful gunsmithing business. Bob retired in 2014 after twenty years of being an engineering consultant
specializing in bridge and high mast lighting. He was a lifelong racing enthusiast. Most recently, he proudly owned and drove The Jersey Duke to numerous
top ten finishes. Drag racing with the 422 Allstars and the camaraderie of the sport meant the world to him. He was passionate about cooking, baking, the
beach and surf fishing, ham radio, the deer in his backyard, his friendships and taking care of people. His grandchildren were the light of his life. Bob is
survived by his beloved wife of 48 years, Ann Marie (Dodd) Fort; Three daughters, Lori Ann (William) Kasper, Amy Renee (Dwayne) Day, and Julie Marie
Fort; One sister, Linda Bush-Stiefel; Six grandchildren, Shayne, Wes, Alex, Cooper, Josie, Lila; And one great grandson, Damien. In addition to his
parents, Bob was preceded in death by his son, Robert Lee Fort, III. In keeping with Bob’s wishes, services will be private. In lieu of flowers or memorial
contributions, Bob’s family would appreciate that you spend time with those you love and “seize the day” in Bob’s honor. Arrangements by Moore, Snear
& Ruggiero Funeral Home & Crematory, 224 West Main Street, Trappe, PA 19426.




Anthony George Pappas, born July 26, 1987, in Pottstown, PA, was taken from us on May 26, 2016, while doing what he loved: riding.
He is survived by the love of his life, Laurel Blesy; his mother, Theresa Whinery; his sister, Erin Smith; and his nephew, Kaleb Dromie.
Anthony was a beloved boyfriend, son, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin. Anthony brought his passion for fixing cars to his work
every day. When he wasn’t at work, he was working on race cars at 422 Motorsports, helping a fellow friend, or working on his own toys.
Anthony’s smile would light up the room, his laugh was contagious, he would do anything for anyone, and he was adored by all that have
met him. We celebrate the beauty and the many ways he touched the lives of those who knew and loved him. May your presence
be with us all and may your laughter echo throughout Heaven for all of eternity.

Click here to support the Anthony Pappas Memorial Fund