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Prayers for the Fort family

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fort family for the loss of their son Rob.  Rob has competed on occasion with the 422 Allstars driving the
"Damn Yankee" car. His father Bob Fort Jr. of the 422 Motorsports team is well known to the racers and fans of the 422 Allstars driving the Jersey Duke.


2012-2013 Champion - Kevin Grasson

Kevin Was featured In Chrysler Power Magazine.
The car was on the cover of the April 2013 issue.
There was a nice 2 page article in the May issue
covering Kevin, his car and the 422 Allstars.


Race 9, Capitol, 422 Allstars Points Finale called for RAIN!

Kevin Grasson claims second title, Dave Reitz a close second…..

Capital Raceway, October 19, 2013 - With expectations high for the final event on the 422 Allstars 2013 season schedule and the racers in
contention for the overall championship foaming at the bit to get on the track and qualify and duke it out to see who would claim the championship
title! Unfortunately, weather once again played havoc on the event and the track was forced to call the event. Needless to say, several of the racers
were disappointed, but Mother Nature forced our hand and race director, Rich Lamont, made the call that those in attendance would receive tech,
qualifying and first round points to those that made an official qualifying pass.

Of the twenty-three cars in attendance, twenty-two made their qualifying pass and will be awarded 5 points for first round. Although this is not our
normal policy to cancel event, we are in a quandary being it is so late in the race season and weather and open dates at the facilities we compete at
are just not available. The top five qualifiers were, Steve Vargo, Patrick McNulty, Dan Woods, Tony Silipena and John Warehime. Once again, somewhat
unorthodox for the 422 Allstars was we only received one qualifying pass in comparison to our usual two.

Capital Raceway ran a three hour open time trial session and here is where they experienced an absorbent series of oil downs putting the event in
jeopardy of being completed along with a shaky weather forecast thrown in to make matters worse.  Hindsight is everything in life and experience
like this needs to be filed away in those grey cerebral passages for future event management.

The 422 Allstars points are now locked with Kevin Grasson claiming his second title in row, followed closely by Dave Reitz, John Warehime, Sean Pickett
and Bob Fort, Jr. nailing down the number 5 spot. Our congratulations go out to Kevin and all those who competed and supported the series this year!
-- George Case


Race 8, Atco, Carnage neutralizes five teams
Bob Fort, Jr. scores win….

ATCO Raceway, October 5 - The 422 Allstars arrived in New Jersey for another great day of racing with an abundant of grand racing weather. Twenty-eight
teams made the journey, but prior to first round of eliminations destruction hit five teams all suffering mechanical woes during qualifying. Dave Reitz,
currently in second place with one event to go, broke the tail shaft, Nick Lillie a broken flex plate (second of the season for him), Jim Pickett destroyed
his ultra-high tech Kaufman Engineering Pontiac engine,Dick Mackenzie low oil pressure and Anthony Pappas oil pressure issues in the 422 Motorsports
1962 Ford. Not a great start for the day, but for Bob Fort, Jr. nothing was going to stand in the way of slicing through the remaining twenty-three
racers on his way to Victory Circle.

Sean Pickett led qualifying claiming the number one spot and the 6 bonus points followed closely by Kevin Grasson, Ed Youmans, Alex Cortezzo and big Dave
Collette, whom rounded out the top five qualifiers respectively. Unfortunately for Sean, he did not receive the first round bye since there were twenty-eight
cars qualified and only twenty-three making the call for round number one. Sean made it into the fourth round (semifinals) of eliminations before being taken
out by eventual winner, Bob Fort, Jr. On the pass Sean pushed the tree recording a -.031 red-light running a breakout 9.110 on his 9.20 index to Fort’s
winning .110, 9.648, 9.60 index and opportunity to move into the final.
On the other side of the ladder, Leo Sekulski and Tom Grigalianas both systematically waded through the competition meeting in in the semis with Leo going red,
-.029, 9.875, 9.80 giving Grigalianas (r.t. .241, 11.812, 11.75 index) the calling to race Fort for the title. The final now set with both drivers running close to their
personal indexes throughout eliminations; 9.60 Fort and 11.75 for Grigalianas. As the tree came down, Grigalianas left first on his slower dial logging a .165
reaction time to Fort’s .075, but when all was said and done Fort saved the best for last running a perfect 9.600 on his index to Grigalianas’ 11.786 pass!
The win moved Bob Fort, Jr. up a position and is now in fifth place. Going into the concluding event of 2013 at Capitol Raceway, mathematically,
the top five presently have a chance to assert themselves into first place and claim the 2013 422 Allstars Championship title! -- George Case


Race 7, Reitz defeats Sebring in all Mopar final at MIR

Maryland International Raceway - September 15 – Finally, the weather has settled in the Mid-Atlantic States somewhat for our journey down to Royce
 Miller’s Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, MD. We were greeted with cooler temperatures and low humidity for probably one of the best
 events on our circuit. The event was a two-day show, part of the “Legends at Budds Creek” event honoring those whom have made contributions to MIR’s
 history. Qualifying was run on Saturday with 2009 Champ, John Warehime, placing his 1966 Chevelle at the top of the list with an .016 followed by Bob Fort, Jr.
 .019, Cliff Sebring .031, Dave Reitz .040 and Aaron Shipley with a .045 reaction time to round out the top five qualifiers.
   First round placed all twenty-five racers for five great rounds of racing. Bob Fort, Jr. started off eliminations taking out Tony Silipena, Kevin Grasson
 defeating the 1964 Thunderbolt of Perryville, MD’s Lance Keen, Cliff Sebring taking out Sean Pickett and John Warehime the number one qualifier going last
 for a bye-run. All four drivers waded through the field to meet in semifinals.
   Round two saw Bob Fort, Jr. single for his move to round three and Cliff Sebring take his revitalized 1964 Plymouth wagon to a round win over Wayne Shipley.
 Sebring made a nice pass .009, 11.385 on his 11.30 index for his move to the quarterfinals with Shipley recording a .114, 10.15, 10.233. Dave Reitz drove his
 1964 Dodge to the round win taking out Patrick McNulty in his 1965 Z-16 Chevelle. Two champions, Kevin Grasson and John Warehime encountered one another
 with Grasson scoring the win .018, 9.95, 10.028 to Warehime’s .085, 10.05, 10.099 and birth to the next round.
   The quarters placed Bob Fort against Mike Ryan with the two Mopars matching off one another. Fort took the stripe with a .046, 9.50, 9.501 pass to Ryan’s
 .030, 10.40, 10.477.  Reitz and Chet Cook lined up next with both drivers having alike reaction times; .145 Reitz and .143 Cook, but Reitz ran right on his
 10.90 index at 10.906 seconds to Cook’s close 10.592 on a 10.55 dial. Finishing the round saw Kevin Grasson next to Ed Youmans, who was driving Frank
 Pelligrini’s 422 Motorsports powered 1965 Falcon. Youmans had a slight advantage at the start .043 to Grasson’s .049, but had problems slowing to a 15.163
 on an 8.35 dial to Grasson’s 10.204 on his 9.90 index. Cliff Sebring soloed for the bye.
   Four Mopars now in the semifinals and all four vehicles having automatic transmission must be something to this? Sebring and Grasson led the round with
 Sebring taking the win and move into the final. The runs were close; Sebring .043, 11.326 on his 11.30 dial to Grasson’s .049, 9.985 on his 9.95 index. At the
 finish line .015 seconds separated the two! On the other side of the ladder Bob Fort, Jr. driving his “Jersey Duke II” 64’ Plymouth gave the win to Dave Reitz,
 when he pushed the tree going red at -.016. Fort had to wait almost a second and half before leaving and the anticipation caught up to him! Reitz with his
 best reaction so far ran a .037, 10.90, 10.907 to Fort’s 9.519 on his 9.50 index.
   Reitz now faced off against Sebring for all the so called marbles banging out an awesome .002 reaction time then running a 10.939 elapsed time on his 10.90
 index to Sebring’s too quick 11.272 elapsed time on his 11.30 dial for the win! The win for Reitz’s adds a few points to his quest for the number one spot, but
 Grasson’s semifinal finish still leaves Reitz five points shy of first place with two events left on the 2013 422 Allstars schedule. Racing will be fierce at Atco
 Raceway and then culminating the series at the season ending Capitol Raceway event! -- George Case


Race 6, Grasson scores another win at U.S. 13
Vargo nicks runner-up spot

Delmar, DE, September 1 - The boys made the ride down to the Delmar peninsula for race #6 of the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag Racing Series and were
 greeted by weather that was hot in the mid-90's with humidity readings almost the same!  Air, well the adjusted altitude was pegged at 4800' above, so
 needless to say the atmospheric conditions were far from optimum for making power, plus brutal for humans as well! The teams "weathered" through
 the event with 2012 Allstars Champion, Kevin Grasson, once again claiming the victory over Steve Vargo, the winner of the previous event Flashback Friday
 held at  Beaver Springs Dragway last month.
   Twenty-five racers made the event with twenty-four making the first round call. Eventual winner, Kevin Grasson, was the beneficiary of a first round bye
 when his opponent, Wayne Shipley, broke a harmonic balancer on the second qualifying run. The number one qualifying spot went to Dave Collette in his
 Sox & Martin inspired 1968 Hemi powered Plymouth Barracuda. In first round, John Warehime matched up against Steve Giordano in his 1962 Ford and gave
 the pass to John in a double red-light run; Giordano left first with a -.012 to Warehime’s -.005 reaction time. Giordano with a 10.60 index needless to say, left
 first, but ran right on with a 10.609 elapsed time; Warehime already the round winner posted a 10.139 on his 10.15 dial.
   Round two saw Grasson meet up against Chet Cook with both drivers hitting the tree with almost identical reaction times .059 Grasson and .060 Cook, but at
 the stripe Cook ran out with a 10.784 on a 10.80 dial, Grasson clicked the beams with a 10.171 on a 10.15 index.
   Round three (quarterfinals), put Warehime next to Tony Silipena in his FE powered 1967 Fairlane  with Warehime taking the round win at .021, 10.15, 10.205
 to Silipena’s .042, 10.35, 10.445 pass. Kevin Grasson had the earned bye with Dave Reitz defeating Dave Collette. Collette knowing that Reitz, one of the best
 leavers around left early with -.034 red-light, both drivers ran too quick, but Collette’s red-light handed the round win to Reitz. Quietly moving through
 eliminations was Steve Vargo driving his vintage Falcon. Vargo met Tom Grigaliunas in a Ford versus Mopar clash with Grigaliunas having trouble at the line
 posting a .274 reaction time and running a 11.480 elapsed time on a 11.20 dial, Vargo with a .065 reaction time slowed being way ahead ran a 10.154 and his
 9.85 index for a m.o.v. (margin of victory) of .185 seconds.
   The semifinals left four hitters to faceoff with Vargo vs. Warehime, Vargo took the win after Warehime lit the red with a -.014 light and Grasson taking out
 Reitz in a double-breakout run with Grasson running out by less .076, 10.125, 10.15 dial to Reitz’s .065, 11.071, 11.10 dial with a mere .004 thousandths
 making the difference at the end.
   The final round now pitted Grasson alongside Vargo. As the tree came down anticipation set aside both drivers posted similar reaction times .071 for Grasson
 and .082 for Vargo, but at the finish line Vargo pressed his Falcon a little too hard and broke out with a 9.804 elapsed time of his 9.85 dial to Grasson’s
 10.166 pass on a 10.15 dial.
   As they say, “another one goes into the record books” and the points keep stacking up. As of completion of today’s event, 2012 Allstars Champion, Kevin
 Grasson, leads the fray with 218 pts. followed closely by Dave Reitz, who is five points shy (213) of Grasson, the followed by John Warehime at 203 points.
 -- George Case



Race 5, Flashback Friday….uh Saturday win goes the Steve Vargo!
Dave Reitz nails runner-up spot

 Beaver Springs Dragway, August 10, 2013 – Our second trip to Beaver Bob’s track in central Pennsylvania saw a great turnout of nostalgia
 race cars show up to take part in this annual get together as part of the Flashback Friday event weekend. A total of thirty-one cars took the
 tree on Saturday’s race #5 of the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag Racing Series. Lou Terra, the speed shop proprietor hailing out of Bloomsburg,
 Pa, claimed the number one qualifying position and scored three round wins (semifinals) prior to being taken out of competition in round four
 by eventual runner-up Dave Reitz in his cool 1964 Dodge. Reitz, a longtime drag race competitor, and probably one of the oldest drivers in
 competition carries a sixty-year resume of racing and still knows how to hit the tree and run the number!
   On the topic of the semifinals, Stephen Vargo drove his FE powered 1964 Falcon to the round win over Chet Cook in his 1968 Impala driven by
 a trusty big-block Chevrolet engine. Cook, having one of his best season’s in drag racing is definitely in the so-called hunt for the 2013
 championship and only eight points out of first place, now led by 2009 champ John Warehime with 146 points. Cook, by the way had an
 awe-inspiring run against Vargo posting a .008 light, but pushed it too hard on the other end running too quick at 10.825, on his 10.90 index.
 Vargo in the other lane was wide open for the taking with a .107, 9.811 on his 9.80 index moving him into the final matchup and the
 opportunity to faceoff with Reitz for as they say, “all the marble!” Interestingly, the semifinal run between Reitz and Terra was one of only two
 heads-up runs of eliminations. Both drivers dialed an 11.15, but Reitz had it all his way right from the start notching a .056, 11.268
 to Terra’s .080, 11.699, 107.64 charge.
   With the finals run of the event now set it was a toss-up as to who would end up the victor? Dave Reitz once again dialed an 11.15 and Steve
 Vargo a 9.80. At the tree, both drivers were close with their respective reaction times; .124 for Vargo and .139 for Reitz. As the run progressed,
 Reitz started to make up the starting line deficit running closer to his index with an 11.172 elapsed time to Vargo’s 9.827, but it was all for naught with
 the margin of victory at the finish line being .010 of a second in Vargo’s favor!
   One of the highlights of the event was the great lunch served by Ebby Sekulski, which were actually the leftovers from Friday night’s late
 gathering at the Sekulski’s house in Selinsgrove. Needless to say, our thanks goes out to the racers supporting the event and great reception
 we received from the fans at Beaver Springs Dragway and to the “Beaver” for a nice event. -- George Case



Englishtown, NJ, July 2- We had a decent turnout at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ despite the ominous weather being predicted for the day.
 Fortunately, we were able to get qualifying and two rounds of eliminations in before being deluged with a torrential down pour which in turn
 finished the day. Five racers were in the staging lanes prior to the rain; Dave Reitz, Tom Grigaliunas, Cliff Sebring, Sean Pickett and Anthony
  Pappas. Several options to complete the event including running it at the Flashback Friday (August 8) event (Beaver Springs Dragway) in 2
 weeks or fitting in during the point’s race the following day Saturday, August 9th. The drivers will be contacted to see who is available on Friday
 and then we shall determine which day we finish.
 The majority of the teams arrived at Beaver Springs Dragway for the Flashback Friday portion of the event still with hopes of running the five
 remaining cars in between time trials, the non-points event mixed within the other categories competing at the event, but it was deemed to be
 too much running around for those competitors. Race Director, Rich Lamont, consulted with the racers and as a group decided to split the purse
 with the points stopping at those still in competition and receiving 15 points each. -- George Case


Race 3, Pontiac wins mega Mopar event at Maple Grove

June 22/23, Maple Grove Raceway -  The 422 Allstars made their first trek to the “Grove” this season taking part in the featured
 Mega Mopar event. The event for the Allstars was race #3 of the nine race series, which will culminate in Maryland at Capitol
 Raceway at the end of October. A strong turnout of entries, 26 cars, all vying for the opportunity to score the $1,500 first place check
 and of course the distinction of winning at Maple Grove Raceway one of the quickest and fastest tracks in the country.

 Throughout the five rounds of eliminations the caliper of race cars and teams made it anybody’s bet who would rise to the call and be
 victorious! Once the smoke had cleared  it was Mopar versus General Motors with Sean Pickett wheeling his 1962 Pontiac station wagon
 around Ron McClelland’s 1966 Dodge for the win. Pickett seized his first win of the 2013 season posting a .061 reaction time, 9.372, 142.90
 mph charge on his 9.40 index over McClelland’s red lighting -.034 reaction time. McClelland seeing the red light slowed and coasted
 through with an 11.392 second elapsed time on his 9.75 index. Pickett incidentally was the number one qualifier
 with a .008 second reaction time and swept the table for all available points at the event.

 The semis saw the 427 FE powered Falcon of Frank Pelligrini face off against Pickett and Ron McClelland taking out Chet Cook the winner
 from race #2 at Capitol Raceway just a month ago. Cook who is sitting in the third position in the overall points is the dark horse so far this
 season and padded his point’s standings with his semifinalist placing.

 The weather was spectacular for the two-day event with two solids days of mid-80° weather and zero chance of rain in the forecast, this
 after what seemed like weeks of rainy days leading up to the event.

 As we get closer to the midpoint of the series race #4 moves to New Jersey for the Old Time Drags and Funny Car Reunion on July 28. At
 the 2012 event at E-Town the event was halted by rain and Sean Pickett and Gary Nies split the winner and runner-up share of the purse.
 Hopefully, the weather “Gods” will shine down of us as we enter the hottest days of summer. -- George Case



Race 2 at Capitol goes to Chet Cook as Brant Kelley breaks out

Chet Cooks takes win at Capitol Raceway
Brant Kelley scores second place…..

Capitol Raceway, May 25 - The 422 Allstars rolled into Capitol Raceway for race #2, our second of the month Maryland, with twenty-three
racers going through tech and twenty-two making the first r ound call.After qualifying was completed, Dave Reitz, the oldest active driver
competing in the series, took the six qualifying points ahead of Rob Delink #2 and Tom Grigaliuanas #3. Of the three top qualifiers Dave Reitz
made the best showing before falling out of competition in the quarter finals. Both Delink and Grigaliuanas went out in round #1. The big
battle went to the semifinals with all three manufacturers being represented; Chet Cook, Chevrolet, Brant Kelley, Ford and 2012 422
Allstars Champion Kevin Grasson, Dodge.
As the rounds wound down several familiar names were on the board; Warehime, Reitz and Pickett, but Cook, Kelley and Grasson took the
group out in the quarters for multi-brand semifinals. Grasson, now in the number two position for overall points fell to eventual winner Chet
Cook and Brant Kelley receiving the bye-run into the final setting up a Chevrolet versus Ford final.
With the final matchup of the evening ready to go Cook took the left lane and Kelley the right. As the tree came down Kelley with the slower
index left first and posted his quickest pass ever running it hard and breaking out with a 10.995 second elapsed time on his 11.05 dial! Chet
Cook, who also broke out ran a cool 10.597 on his 10.60 index for the win breaking out by only -.003 to Kelly’s -.055 under
run. Chet picked up a cool $1,500 for the win
We now have a month off before race #3, which will be held at Maple Grove Raceway June 22 – 23. The summer months are
upon us, so stay tuned for some great racing action! - - George Alan Case

Cook/Kelley final,  watch the video



A Memorial Day tribute to our veterans @ Capitol Raceway

An awesome tribute to our vets and a reminder of their sacrifices for our freedom.  They strapped the vets into four race cars with
passenger seats and belts.  Sent them down the track and honored them in the winners circle as the real Winners of our freedom.



Ronnie "Wildfire" Evans passes

Friend, Ronnie Evans passed away of a heart attack on Friday, May 10, 2013. Ronnie a well known drag racer from Gilbertsville,
PA, started his racing career back in the 1960's running a 1955 Chevrolet with assistance from his father prior to stepping up to a 1962
Chevrolet. The car competed in B/S with a 409 engine. He campaigned the car for many years before taking over the driving chores of
the 1967 273" powered Plymouth Valiant in 1968/69 from his friend Lamar Benner. The car ran out of the Stahl Headers shop and was
capable of running .3 under the then current record. In the eighties he got to work on his 1962 "Wildfire" Chevrolet running at several
tracks around the east coast and attending many Chevrolet car shows. Ronnie continued working on the "62 finally getting the car to run
in the 9-second range still with the "old" W-motor! Ronnie, 68 years old, had battled diabetes for many years and despite the complications
from the disease it never seemed to slow him down. In the past few years, Ronnie completed a frame-off restoration of the 1961 409
Biscayne tribute car of the famed "Old Reliable driven by Dave Strickler and tuned by Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins for Terry Brennan.
R.I.P Ronnie! (5/11/2013) - - George Case

  Race 1 MIR goes to John Warehime

John Warehime starts year off with a win at MIR “Door Wars”
Bob Fort scores runner-up finish………………….

April 20/21, 2013 MIR/Door Wars – Race number one kicked off the season in grand fashion for the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Super Stock
Series racers with lovely weather on Saturday and Sunday after the heavy rains that hit the Northeast on Friday evening. At 2012 event
at MIR, the race had to be postponed due to a surprise hurricane thrashing the Mid-Atlantic States knocking out the electric at the track.

The 422 Allstars saw twenty-six entries qualify for eliminations with Tony Silipena qualifying in the number one spot with a .21 reaction
time in his nine second 1967 Ford Fairlane. The number two qualifier was eventual winner, John Warehime, driving his 1966 Chevelle. A week
prior, John driving his other race car, an L/SA 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass, at the NED Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event held in Dinwiddie, VA,
where John qualified number 42 out of 71 entries and went two rounds prior to getting taken out by Dan Fletcher.

After qualifying on Saturday eliminations got underway on Sunday with several drivers starting to wade through the field exerting themselves
after the long winterlayoff. 2012 422 Allstars champion, Kevin Grasson moved into the semis in an all Mopar  matching up against the Jack Werst
inspired “Jersey Duke II” 1964 Plymouth Belvedere owned and driven by Bob Fort, Jr. Bob nailed the tree big-time with an awesome .001
reaction time to Kevin’s .055. and breakout 9.847 elapsed time on his 9.85 index. Fort ran a 9.570 on his 9.50 index at 139.96 mph charge.
On the other side of the semifinals, the Ford versus Chevy matchup saw the 2010 champ, John Warehime meet 2011 champ Ed Youmans. At the
call Youmans was a no show who succumbed to breakage. Warehime made his pass running a 10.173 elapsed time on his 10.05 index
.055, 107.30 to move into the final alongside Bob Fort.

The final once again pitted Warehime against Fort with Bob Fort, Jr. pushing the tree notching a too quick -.032 reaction time and slowing to a
12.479, 77.80 pass as John, who left first clicked off a .047, 10.102, 127.69 run on his 10.05 index.

The next event, Race #2 will roll into Capitol Raceway, also in Maryland on Saturday, May 25th. For additional info check out the 422 Allstars
website at www.422allstars.com  or contact Race Director Rich Lamont at 610-630-6563.  -- George Case

Warehime / Fort  final, watch the video