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Grasson clinches the title and wins at Pittsburgh

McClelland takes runner-up spot…………Again!

Pittsburgh Raceway Park, New Alexandria, PA – September 27 – The scene was set for our arrival at Pittsburgh Raceway Park and our first journey
out “west” for the final points earning event of the 2014 season. The event was very successful for the 422 Allstars with our largest car count of the
season at thirty-five entries. We kicked the day with our traditional two qualifying passes as Ron McClelland grabbed the number one position with a
great .009 reaction time. At first glance, several of the racers were a little confused when they read their time slip from the Accutime system used at
the track. The Accutime system reveals the time to the ten-thousandths of a second.
Ron’s reaction time was actually .0098 seconds. Interestingly,
what we are used to seeing is reaction times and elapsed times listed to the thousandths as with the Compulink timing system, which has been the
standard in drag racing since the late 1980’s. On the Compulink, the time is listed to the thousandths, but in actuality goes fourteen numbers past, thus
meaning two drivers could have the same reaction time and run dead-on the dial and the computer would pick the winner based on the
numbers not printed on the time slip.

Going into the event, the three racers were still in contention to finish the season on a high, move up and claim the coveted season title. After the
smoke had cleared Kevin Grasson seized the event win, his fourth of the season, parlaying the win to his third series title in a row. John Warehime
going into the event in the number two spot was taken out by Tom Grigaliunas in round number one followed by Anthony Pappas going out in the second
round to George   Lawrence. Grasson methodically waded through his side of the ladder to meet Ron McClelland, who did the same out of the top
qualifying position, in the final. Amazingly, McClelland who only competed at the MIR event scoring a runner-up finish entered the race with high hopes. 

In the quarter finals, Grasson received the bye-run with Dan Woods facing Tony Silipena. Woods moved into the semifinals via a .063 reaction time
on their side of the ladder. McClelland met Leo Sekulski driving his FE powered 1963 ½ Galaxie and McClelland took another round win by means of
a better reaction time. The semifinals now fixed with McClelland got the bye-run with Grasson and Woods going head to head as Grasson seized the
win. The final match of the day had McClelland in his second final in two events alongside two-time series champion Grasson. As they say, the lights
on the tree came down with both drivers away in flash! At the end Kevin Grasson snatched the win, plus out positioning his rivals for his third
422 Allstars Championship. 

Although the drive was a long one for many of the drivers, we whole-heartedly as a group can say we enjoyed the event at Pittsburgh Raceway Park
and hope again to have it listed of the 2015 season schedule.  -- George Case


Grasson / McClelland final on YouTube



Pappas drives “Big Blue” into the winner’s circle @ MIR

McClelland takes runner-up spot…………………

September 13/14, 2014 Maryland International Raceway – The 422 Allstars made the journey back down to MIR for race number eight (8) and the
second event at MIR for the contingent, in 2014. Saturday’s activities came to a screeching halt, yes rain invaded the Mid-Atlantic States and the
track was deluged with water! Fortunately, Sunday’s forecast was great and the MIR staff did a great job drying out the facility and executing a
two-day event into one…applause to the MIR staff.

 Twenty-three (23) teams took part in the event and at the end of five rounds of eliminations Anthony Pappas scored the win, when runner-up, Ron
McClelland tried to make up his starting line tardiness, .155 reaction time to Pappas’ .056 and running a too quick 9.643 elapsed time on his 9.65
index with Pappas taking the win with a 10.432 on his 10.30 index. On his bye run in the semifinals, Pappas ran a 10.17 elapsed time; his quickest in
the car to date in the 422 Motorsports prepped 1962 Ford Galaxie.

 In the semifinals, Ron McClelland driving his 1966 Coronet defeated Mike Ryan, who pushed the tree with a -.022 red-light running a 10.357 on a 10.30
index. McClelland posted a too quick 9.624 elapsed time on his 9.65 index, but got the win via Ryan’s foul start. Anthony Pappas received
the bye into the final as mentioned above.

In round #3, the quarterfinals, Mike Ryan drove his 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner to the round win over Dan Woods of D&W Motorsports in his 1968
Mustang. Woods went -.030 red handing the victory to Ryan. Next up was Ron McClelland and Aaron Shipley. Shipley a two race winner so far in 2014
went -.018 red as McClelland moved to the semifinals. The final pair of the round pitted Anthony Pappas up alongside the 2011 422 Allstars champ, Ed
Youmans, who was shoeing the 422 Motorsports’ 1967 Ford Fairlane.  Youmans was a no show allowing Pappas to advance to the semifinals.

 Overall, the Allstars had another great outing with just one point’s earning event left on the schedule for the year. Interestingly, the two leaders in the
standings Kevin Grasson and John Warehime both went out in round one. Kevin picked up his ten (10) points for tech, (5) eliminations and (4) for
qualifying in the number three position.   Warehime gained a total of (17), ten tech, (5) eliminations and (2) two for his qualifying in the twelfth (12) spot. 
As it stands now, Grasson and Warehime’s position in the overall points remains the same at 242, 220. Gary Nies slid from third to fourth and Anthony Pappas
moved up to third with the win at 215 points. The suspense continues with the Pittsburgh Raceway Park event the point’s finale!

 Mike Ryans claimed the “Red Ass” award for being the driver with the last red-light in eliminations. -- George Case

Pappas / McClelland final on YouTube



GRASSON scores third win of season @ US 13

Pope, Jr. Runner-ups……………

 Delmar, DE, August 31 – The annual journey to Charlie Cathell’s U.S. 13 Dragway saw another great Allstar’s race with twenty-four teams partaking
in the day’s activities. After the smoke cleared, at the end the day, Kevin Grasson once again stood in the winner’s circle after strapping a .052
package on Wayne Pope, Jr. Pope, Jr. in his 1964 T-Bolt qualified in the eighth spot cutting through eliminations prior to meeting Grasson in the final.
Grasson in his 1964 Dodge showed his winning colors clipping off a great .020 reaction time on way to running a 10.182 second elapsed time on his
10.15 index. Pope running in the nine second range throughout eliminations recorded a .071, 9.931, 134.58 mph charge on his 9.85 index for his
runner-up finish. The margin of victory was .100 seconds with the advantage going to Grasson along with his third win of the season.

 Qualifying was hot and heavy with Dave Reitz taking the number one spot, John Warehime second followed by Anthony Pappas, Brian Freeland and
Cliff Sebring to round out the top five qualifiers.

 Aaron Shipley, a two event winner this season, was having a good day before going red in semifinals by Wayne Pope, Jr. Aaron's red eye earned him
the "Red Ass" award for this event.  Kevin Grasson singled in the semis earning his right to the final round against Pope.

 The quarter finals were truly an exciting round with Grasson racing Dave Reitz. The interesting fact is that Grasson’s 1964 Dodge is a clone of Reitz’s
“Bounty Hunter” from the 1960’s! Grasson scored when Reitz pushed the tree going -.004 red. Next up was the big 1963 ½ Ford Galaxie of Leo Sekulski 
versus Aaron Shipley, here again the round win was decided at the tree with Sekulski fouling with a -.052 light handing the win to Shipley. Wayne Pope, Jr.
defeated the 1967 Fairlane of Tony Silipena, who ran closer to his 10-flat index with a 10.046, but was late at the start with a .191 reaction time
to Pope’s .120, 9.945 on his 9.85 index.

 Race number eight now moves back to Maryland International Raceway on September 13th. After that we have one event to conclude the 2014 season, so
the drama continues with tensions building!  -- George Case

Grasson / Pope final on YouTube



Warehime Scores Second Win of 2014 @ Beaver!

Patrick McNulty fills runner-up spot………………

Beaver Springs Dragway – August 9, 2014 – The 422 Allstars were out in force in support of the “Flashback Friday” event held at the “Beaver”
this past weekend. Friday saw the “Flashback” race take place and on Saturday the 422 Allstars race #6 with several familiar names claiming
high points finishes. New to the top echelon was Patrick McNulty claiming his best finish since joining the Allstars rank. McNulty driving his red
1965 Chevelle Z-16 clone moved it to the final against John Warehime in an “All Chevrolet” final, a first for the Allstars!

Craig Balmer in his 1963 Plymouth Savoy claimed the number one qualifying position with a perfect .000.  In round one Balmer had a bye-run
prior to meeting eventual winner, John Warehime in the third round with the margin of victory going to Warehime.
On paper the runs looked like a
dead heat! In reality, the Compulink goes fourteen digits past the thousandths number posted on the time slip…how much was the MOV less
than .001! With Warehime now set up for the semifinals, he was ready to face off against Kevin Grasson, the winner at the last event held at
Raceway Park. Both drivers were on their game; Warehime .027, 10.213 on his 10.20 index. Grasson was also close, .033, 10.171 on his
10.10 index with a MOV of .060 seconds in Warehime’s favor.

 The other side of the ladder saw McNulty methodically weed through the field taking out Ed Youmans with a great .007, 11.172 on an 11.15 index to
Youmans too quick .052, 8.677 on his 8.70 index. Next up, round #2, McNulty encountered Cliff Sebring in what was McNulty’s closes race of the day;
McNulty posting a winning .048, 11.222 on an 11.15. Sebring had the better light .017 and running a 10.222 on a 12-flat index, MOV .025. The quarterfinals
pitted McNulty against Gary Nies; Nies clicked off a -.030 red-light along with the “Red-Ass” award. The award is presented to the driver recording the
last foul/red-light during eliminations. The semifinals saw McNulty match up with Tom Sneden, who was having a great race, but his .171, 11.642,
11.30 index to McNulty’s .206, 11.270, 11.15 index was too much for the Mopar.

 The final pitted the Chevrolets against one another, as the tree counted down, McNulty dialing an 11.15 left first with a good .040 reaction time to
Warehime’s .076. At the end both drivers pushed their bowties a little too quickly in a double breakout final with Warehime breaking out by less
10.179 on his 10.20 index to McNulty’s 11.057 elapsed time on a 11.15 index.

 Race # 6 and the points shuffle once again sees Kevin Grasson in the number one position with Warehime right on his heels. Three points earning
events remain and it looks like Grasson and Warehime will again battle for the title!  --George Case

Warehime / McNulty final on YouTube



Grasson scores from top qualifying spot @ E-town!

Gary Nies gives it up at the stripe…………

 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, July 27, 2014 – The old saying, “the boys are back in town” sure came to mind at the annual “Old Time
Drags and Rod Run” held at one of the most historic race facilities on the east coast, Raceway Park better known as E-Town! Several hundred
hot rods, customs and nostalgia drag racers participated in the event along with a large spectator crowd supporting this
long running event in its thirty-fifth year.

The 422 Allstars were out in force with twenty-four entries attending. At the start of eliminations two racers bowed from competition due to
breakage allowing Wayne Shipley and Ken Goodsey to receive bye runs. Kevin Grasson, the number one qualifier faced off against Cliff Sebring,
who aborted the match-up succumbing to breakage in round one. Grasson on the other hand parlayed his round win through
eliminations to meet Gary Nies in an all Mopar final.  

Runner-up Nies running strong out of the sixth qualifying spot faced off with legend, Dave Reitz, who broke in round one. Reitz a long time
racer rarely has any mechanical issues with his trusty 1964 Dodge, but as the say, expect the expected! Nies with a great .011 light ran a
10.239 elapsed time on his 10.20 index. In round two, Nies confronted Joe DeLoreto in his big-block ’66 Chevrolet Biscayne scoring another
round win with a killer .007 reaction time, 10.294, 130.94 run. DeLoreto dialing a 10-flat ran way under with a .126, 9.936 elapsed time, 130.15
breakout pass. Round three placed Nies alongside Bob Fort, Jr in the “Jersey Duke II” 1964 Plymouth. Once again Nies claimed the round win
when Fort, Jr. broke. Nies would have been tough to beat posting a .005, 10.218, 130.96 run. The semifinals saw Nies and Anthony Pappas run
off with Nies again carding another round with a .028, 10.229, 126.95 to Pappas’ .062, 10.510, 129.82 on a 10.45 index. Pappas is now
chauffeuring “Big Blue” Team 422 Motorsports 1962 Galaxie. 

Grasson proceeded to cut through his side of the ladder meeting Dan Woods in D&W Motorsports 1968 428” Mustang. At the tree Grasson had
the advantage .058 to Woods’ .112, but at the end Grasson got the win light 10.201 to Woods’ too quick 11.149 breakout elapsed time on an
11.15 index. Even if Woods would have run dead-on Grasson still would have had the lead with the margin of victory being .003 of a second!
Dave Harvey driving his Jon Kaase Racing Engines powered 1963 ½ Galaxie encountered Grasson in the quarter finals. Once again Grasson
benefitted a round win via a breakout as Harvey dispatched a 9.830 elapsed time on his 10.00 index; Grasson running consistently
throughout eliminations ran another low twenty, 10.211 to be exact, plus finally getting the bye in the semifinals and a berth into
the final to meet up with fellow Mopar racer Gary Nies.

 With the final set, Grasson with a 10.15 index and Nies a 10.20 both knew that cutting a light would paramount. The tree came down with
Nies leaving first with a .032 reaction to Grasson’s .079 r.t. Again, Grasson came out on top as Nies pushed it on the top end breaking out
by .003 seconds with a too quick 10.197. Grasson clicked off a 10.185, 129.65 claiming his first win of the 2014 season!

 In a shuffling of cars and drivers Frank Pellegrini drove the “Dam Yankee” 1964 Dodge of Bob Fort, Jr. and team driver Ed Youmans took over
the controls of the 422 Motorsports 1965 Falcon. Pellegrini did a superb job shoeing the “Yankee” putting it into the ten second range, reported
the quickest the car has ever run. For Pellegrini, it was like driving to the grocery store as his Falcon runs in the low eight second round
and that’s shifting compared to the automatic Mopar!

 The next points earning event is Saturday, August 9th at Beaver Springs Dragway. On Friday, the 8th “Beaver” Bob McCardle conducts his
“Flashback Friday” meet a non-points event on the 422 Allstars calendar.  --George Case

Grasson vs Nies final on YouTube


Aaron Shipley loves Capitol Raceway

Shipley scores second win of season………………

 Capitol Raceway – July 19, 2014 Since the reorganization of the “New” Capitol Raceway in Maryland, the track has become a favorite for
many of the 422 Allstars’ racers. This statement could not be any closer to the truth when it comes to Aaron Shipley. Aaron claimed his first
422 Allstars win at race number 2, this past May, and upon returning sashayed his beautiful 442 Oldsmobile into the winner’s circle again!

 Twenty-four racers made the journey down to Capitol Raceway, which is located in central Maryland to battle for points and honors with hopes
of an event win. The track was well prepared an important aspect to continually draw racers to a drag facility. Traction and track conditions
are extremely vital to running consistent elapsed times from round to round. So, we send kudos to the staff and their track prep crew.

 Qualifying saw Dave Reitz nail the number one spot with a .000, followed by Nick Lillie in his 1964 Ford, Brant Kelley from Connecticut, 1967
Fairlane wagon, Ciro Magione 1964 Ford and eventual event winner Aaron Shipley taking the fifth position.

 In the semifinals, Sebring received the bye with Shipley facing Bob Walker, Jr. Shipley got the win setting up the final between Shipley and
Sebring. Shipley running a similar Oldsmobile to his dad’s 442 faced several tough established racers on his way to the final against Cliff Sebring,
the 2008 422 Allstars Champion, but Aaron had it his way running in the 11.30’s all day for the win.  --George Case



John Warehime qualifies with a .000!

Warehime Continues his charge to take out Anthony Pappas in the final at The Grove.

Maple Grove failed to reset their computer data and they are reporting that Steve Giordano was runner-up.
Steve campaigned the Fermier Brothers Ford last year but Anthony Pappas is driving this year.

Pat McNulty goes red in the semi's taking home the coveted Red Ass Award.

Warehime qualifies number one, then parlays it to the win!

Anthony Pappas asserts “Big Blue” to the runner-up spot 

Maple Grove Raceway – June 28, 2014 – The gathering at the “Glory Days” nostalgia event at Maple Grove Raceway saw John Warehime
take the number one qualifying spot with a grand .000 reaction time (.000 is perfect in the drag racing world), then mow down the
competition to claim the event win by defeating Anthony Pappas in the 422 Motorsports’ 1962 Ford Galaxie “Big Blue.” 

The weather was superb with a total of twenty-nine cars competing in Race #3 of the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag Racing Series. As previously
noted; John Warehime qualified #1 at .000, followed by, Paul Hillier .010, Nick Lillie .010,  “Big” Dave Collette .015 and back-to-back 2012/13
Champion Kevin Grasson rounding out the top five qualifiers with a .016 reaction. Dan Woods, always a strong runner in his D & W
Motorsports 1968 Mustang, failed to make the call in round one after succumbing to breakage during qualifying. Runner-up, Anthony
Pappas, who was scheduled to run Woods in round one, was the beneficiary getting a bye-run. 

With the stage now set for eliminations Warehime, driving his 1966 Chevelle, proceeded to cut through the field running close to his 10.05
second index round after round. Round one had Warehime with an earned bye-run courtesy of his .000, then defeat Gary Nies, Wayne
Shipley in the quarters and Chet Cook the semi-finals readying him for the final.  On the other side of the ladder Pappas was pounding gears
defeating Joe DeLoreto in round two, Brant Kelley, who fouled to Papas with a -.005 red-light in the quarters, Pat McNulty in the semis also
red lit, but although getting knocked out of competition claimed the “Red Ass” award (last red-light during eliminations.) 

The classic Ford versus Chevrolet final was now set with bets going on both drivers. As the tree came down Pappas with a 10.35 index left first
posting a .065 reaction time to Warehime’s 10.05 index with a .131 reaction, but at the stripe Warehime ran an unruffled 10.070 elapsed
time for the win! Pappas ran a 10.499 with the margin of victory going to Warehime by .053 seconds. 

As they say, another one for the record books as we ready for Race #4 our second event to be conducted at Capitol Raceway July 19th. Also
to note; it was great having 422 Allstars announcer, Jim Krassowski back in the booth!  -- George Case


Warehime / Pappas final on YouTube


Son slaps one on Dad!

Aaron Shipley defeats Wayne Shipley in final….

“It's a father's duty to give his son a fine chance”

 Capitol Raceway - May24, 2014Our trip to Capitol Raceway was successful with a total car count of thirty-two cars showing up for a great
day/night of racing! Interestingly, more than half the field was cars from Maryland. Sixteen Maryland cars, several new to the series, all wanted
to be part of the 422 Allstars experience. Another fact that has been on the rise is several father son teams with two cars in the family. Four
teams (families) standout all representing different makes and models of the era; Shipley (Oldsmobile), Cortezzo (Plymouth), Reitz (Dodge) and
Pope (Fords).  Of course we can’t leave out two time series champion, Kevin Grasson with his dad John serving as the crew chief. Drag racing
is a family sport and based on the participation we see proves the theory.

As stated, thirty-two cars took the tree to qualify for the Allstars field with Ciro Mangione eclipsing the number one position with a .019 light.
Right on Mangione’s bumper was 2009 champ John Warehime at .020, Mike Ryan .022, Sean Pickett .026 and Ed Youmans .033 in the new 422
Motorsports 1967 Fairlane. As the time arrived for first round of eliminations carnage and mechanical woes effected several racers with Steve
McBlane and Steve Vargo both succumbing to engine failure, Sean Pickett to a water pump and John Warehime also was missing in action for the call.

Throughout eliminations, Aaron Shipley, driving his 1965 Oldsmobile 442, was on a tear taking out Mike Reitz, Anthony Pappas, Brant Kelley
and Tom Grigaliunas on his way to the final to meet his dad Wayne. Wayne in his 442 Oldsmobile, in a Shipley day of take no prisoners, defeated
Roger Dalton, Jr, Wayne Pope, Sr and Alex Cortezzo, Jr. in a match up that could not have been planned. I am sure the father and son team and
faced one another in time trials many times, but this was the first time in actual eliminations for all the marbles! When all was said and done
Aaron conquered Wayne to take his first series title.

As they say, another great day of drag racing and comradery amongst the teams with a lot of work for many getting ready for race #3 coming
up on Saturday, June 28th at Maple Grove Raceway. Lastly, the “red ass” award went to Alex Cortezzo, Jr. for his red-light in the semis against
eventual runner-up Wayne Shipley. The “red ass” award goes to the racer achieving the last red-light of the event. Mike Reitz claimed the award
at MIR last month and was more than happy to hand it over to Alex.  -- GEORGE CASE

Shipley vs Shipley on YouTube


Grasson Takes The Season Opener @ MIR

Grasson picks up where he left off….. with a win!!

Nies claims runner-up…………..

April 12/13, 2014 Maryland International Raceway – A new year and another win for 2012/2013 422 Allstars Champion Kevin Grasson. “What can
you say,” but wow! Grasson driving his trusty 1964 Dodge Polara waded through the twenty-six car field, the first race on the 2014 422 Allstars calendar,
defeating fellow Mopar racer Gary Nies. Grasson took the win via a .009 MOV at the stripe. Nies, in his “Blue Fury” 1964 Plymouth, clicked off a better
reaction time .024 vs. .051. running a 10.152 elapsed time on his 10.10 dial to Grasson’s 10.166 on a 10.15 dial. .009 at the end…if this is the first event
of the season we can only imagine how exciting racing will be in 2014. 

Both Grasson and Nies had tough competition throughout eliminations, but both ran solidly running close to their indexes. The semifinals saw an all Mopar
line up; Grasson against Alex Cortezzo (’63 Plymouth) and Nies versus Mike Reitz (’66 Dodge). Nies benefited his move to the final when Reitz went red
-.158 and Grasson earned his berth into final when Cortezzo with a .087 light to Grasson’s .101 slowed off his 10.15 dial posting a 10.336. Grasson also
slowed recording a 10.252 elapsed time on his 10.10 dial. The margin of victory was .020. 

The boys from New Jersey must have dedicated a lot of time to the practice tree over the winter as Chet Cook (.014) claimed the number one qualifying spot
followed by Ciro Magione (.019) and Drexel Hill, PA resident Sean Picket (.023), Bob Fort, Jr (.034) and Dan Woods (.041) to round out the top five qualifiers. 

All-in-all, the weekend at MIR was a great way to start the season and the weather was gorgeous to say the least with temperatures in the mid to high 70’s.
Several new cars committed to the series are still finishing up and are expected to be at the race #2 at Capitol Raceway May 24th.  -- GEORGE CASE

Watch the final on YouTube