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Ed Youmans clinches the 2015 Championship

Gary Nies Holds on for the #2 spot



RACE 10 Capitol the Finals

Series ending event sees Youmans claim second title!
John Reed  wins event……………………...

Capitol Raceway, October 24, 2015 — the big news came at the season ending event as Eddie Youmans secured his second 422
 Allstars’ Championship title, driving the 1967 Ford Fairlane out of the 422 Motorsports stable. Youmans, who usually shoes the “Dyno” Don
Nicholson 1964 Comet has been driving the Fairlane while the Comet’s engine is being renewed from top to bottom employing a new block,
heads, crank, etc. The Fairlane being completed in 2014 has proven to be a great racecar and the first with an automatic transmission from
422 Motorsport chief, Rich Lamont. On the other side of the event, John Reed secured his second win of the season defeating
multi-time 422 Allstars Champion Kevin Grasson.

The track was prepped and the atmospheric conditions were phenomenal with many of the drivers recording their best elapsed times of the
season. So when you mix traction, good air with racecars it equals quick and fast!     

A total of twenty-four cars competed at the season finale with twenty-three making first round. Qualifying was led off by Lucas Ellis in the
“Damn Yankee” at the top followed closely by Patrick McNulty in his red 1965 Z-16 Chevelle separating the two by .003 of a second. In third
position was Brian Freeland in the 422 Motorsports 1962 Mercury, Bob Walker 1963 Chevrolet, Jr fourth and Dave Collette in fifth with his
wheel standing Hemi powered 1964 Plymouth.

Dan Woods and Tom Grigaliunas were the first pair out for eliminations with Woods taking the win, Grasson over Ellis, Walker, Jr getting by
Youmans, Silipena defeating Aaron Shipley, Nies over McNulty, Banning on top of Wayne Shipley, Fort taking out Collette, Pope, Jr eradicating
Ryan, Blevins terminated Freeland’s day, Sekulski beating Tom Sneden, Pappas over Lance Keen and John Reed singling when the
SS/F 1968 Mustang of Rich Allen was a no show.

Round two got underway forty-five minutes later with Grasson, Walker, Nies, Fort, Blevins and Reed moving on to round three, the
quarterfinals.  Grasson again advanced along with Fort and Reed making it an all Mopar race.

Grasson benefitted with the bye run, while Reed got around Bob Fort, Jr. Now the final was set with the young guns facing off. Grasson, who
missed a few events due to demands of work had not scored a win this year, the first time since entering the series and had to settle for
the runner-up spot as Reed sped to the win!

So another season is now in the record book with the top ten overall points earners being; Eddie Youmans, Gary Nies, Anthony Pappas,
Dave Reitz, Tom Sneden, Dan Woods, Aaron Shipley, Wayne Shipley, Bob Fort Jr and Mike Ryan.

We had a great year of racing and look forward to once again hosting events in 2016 at many of the same venues. Additionally, we want
to send our thanks, to the racers, crews, families, staff and racetracks for their continued support of the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag
Racing Series. 



RACE 9 Pittsburgh

Anthony Pappas overthrows Stevie McBlane in all-Ford final!

Pittsburg International Raceway, September 26, 2015 We made our longest trip of the season out to western Pennsylvania to
Pittsburg International Raceway for the “Keystone Nostalgia Nationals” event. The event ran late and we finished with two Fords facing off for the
final shootout out west! Anthony Pappas driving the 422 Motorsports 1962 Galaxie got around Stevie McBlane, who was again driving
Brant Kelley’s cool 1967 Fairlane wagon for the win.

Qualifying got underway with Ed Youmans taking the top spot with a .020 reaction time trailed by Aaron Shipley, Dan Parsons, Dave Reitz and
Phil Baldachchino rounding out the top five qualifying positions. A total of twenty-one racers took part in the 422 Allstars race event today.

As eliminations got underway Pappas started his trek to the final taking out Dave Stubbs in his beautiful 1962 Dodge Polara in round #1, Bill Sabo
(1962 Plymouth) round #2, Mike Ryan (1969 Plymouth) quarterfinals, a bye-run in the semis prior to meeting McBlane for the final.

Stevie McBlane has driven Brant Kelley’s car at three events so far this season, while his pristine red FE powered 1965 Mercury Comet is parked for
repairs. McBlane’s march through his side of the ladder saw him eliminate Jim Jones’ 1965 Dodge round #1, Phil Baldacchino (1963 Plymouth)
round #2, Kurt Neighbors driving the wild A/FX 1965 Comet quarterfinals and Lucas Ellis in the semis earning his berth to the final.

The final saw the two FE powered Fords ready for the skirmish! At the finish line, Anthony Pappas got by McBlane for his first win of 2015 and
second final. Pappas was the runner-up at the season opener at Maryland International Raceway. The same goes for McBlane, his second
final of the year and second runner-up.

So with one race left to score points Eddie Youmans in now leading with 257 pts., shadowed by Gary Nies and Anthony Pappas. Mathematically
speaking; both Nies and Pappas can move ahead of Youmans if one of them wins the next event and qualifies number one and Youmans goes
out first round and doesn’t score any qualifying points, should be interesting, stay tuned!

Note: PIR uses an Accutime timing system and we did not receive any round information such as reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour or margin of victory.
All the other tracks we compete at use the NHRA standard Compulink timing system designed by Bob Brockmeyer. Unfortunately, like any piece of equipment
available it is only as good as the user. Of all the tracks we race at Maryland International Raceway is the only track that continually provides us with the proper
qualifying and eliminations round sheets, so we can in turn report to you the event results and update the points without trying to decipher and piece it together.




Father/Son final sees Aaron Shipley defeat Dad, Wayne in final matchup………..

Maryland International Raceway, September 20, 2015 – The  422 Allstars made their way back down to MIR for Race #8, part
of the “Legends at Budds Creek”, a two-day event.

Dave Reitz nailed the number one qualifying spot with a .004 second reaction time, followed by Leo Sekulski, John Reed, Anthony Pappas and
Eddie Youmans. On Saturday, Dan Woods put together an impromptu gambler’s race. During the race Dave Reitz broke a rear, which would have
eliminated him from Sunday’s eliminations, but in true racer fashion his buddy, Tom Sneden had a spare pumpkin back at his shop and they made
the eighty-four mile roundtrip making the repair. Incidentally, Kevin Grasson was the runner-up and       won the gambler’s race.

Eliminations got underway Sunday with nineteen of the twenty qualified cars making the first round call. Mike Reitz took out current number two in
points, Gary Nies. Reitz made a nice pass running dead-on his 11.50 index with an 11.500 elapsed time to Nies’ uncharacteristic -.057 red-light. Next
up was Pat McNulty and John Warehime in a Chevy versus Chevy matchup. McNulty took the win in a double breakout race. McNulty had an awesome
.001, reaction time running a 10.923 and his 10.95 index with Warehime posting a .047, 10.113 on a 10.15 index. Wayne Shipley defeated number three
qualifier Leo Sekulski, John Reed moved past Mike Ryan with a great .005 reaction time running a 10.710 on a 10.70 index. In another double breakout
race Tom Sneden eliminated Lucas Ellis; Sneden .085, 11.081, 11.15 and a .221, 11.073, 11.20 for Ellis. Aaron Shipley moved into next round when
Lou Popp ran to quick at 10.507 on his 10.55 index, Shipley .014, 11.193, 11.15. Kevin Grasson ran a great 10.509 on his 10.50 index to overthrow Dave
Reitz, who ran a .138, 10.904, 11.10 index. Wayne Pope got the round win over Anthony Pappas, who ran out with a 10.203 on his 10.25 index, Pope
made a nice pass, .048, 9.633, 9.60. In a really tight race, Dan Woods got the win over Ed Youmans via a .012 MOV. Woods, .175, 10.966, 10.95 and
Youmans a .082, 10.972, 10.85. Last up was Bob Fort, Jr. who singled when Brian Freeland was a no-show due to breakage.

Round two saw Bob Fort, Jr. take the win over Dan Woods, Mike Reitz single as John Reed broke, Tom Sneden ended Wayne Pope’s day in a snug race,
.008, 11.318, 11.15 to a .124, 9.665, 9.60 index. Without a doubt the best race of the day had to be between Aaron Shipley and Kevin Grasson with the
margin of victory .003! Shipley clipped off a .060, 11.173, 11.15 and Grasson once again ran a .124, 10.508 on a 10.50 index. The match of the round pitted
Wayne Shipley against Pat McNulty with Shipley nailing the win when McNulty broke out by .004 running a .1046 on a 10.95 dial.

The quarterfinals left five racers left in competition; Mike Reitz, Bob Fort, Jr., Wayne Shipley, Tom Sneden and Aaron Shipley. Mike Reitz took out Bob Fort,
Jr., Wayne Shipley eradicated Tom Sneden and Aaron Shipley singled into the semifinals.

Two Oldsmobile’s and a lone Mopar moved into the semifinals. Aaron Shipley lucked out in a double red-light, but benefitted by as Reitz hit the tree with
a -.061 to Shipley’s -.028. Wayne Shipley received the bye into the final.

Family racing at its best, father against son; Wayne Shipley (Dad) and Aaron the son both running maroon 442 Oldsmobile’s. Aaron scored his third
win of 2015 posting a .037, 11.182 on his 11.15 index to Wayne’s .067, 10.326, 10.30. Great race for sure and congratulations the Shipley family for
their great running Oldsmobile powered racecars! Next race move to western Pennsylvania for the “Keystone Nostalgia Nationals” at
Pittsburg International Raceway. ---- GEORGE  CASE


Watch the Shipley vs. Shipley final here:



RACE 7 Beaver Springs

Warehime claims win at Race #7
Lucas Ellis labors into runner-up…………..

Beaver Springs Dragway September 5, 2015 Back to Beaver Springs Dragway for race #7. The car count was low by comparison to
other event this season, but with the rescheduled Maple Grove Raceway event to August 23rd it made for three weeks in a row a tough call for
many, plus it was Labor Day weekend and many of the racers had already planned parties, etc. for the end of summer.

Dave Reitz nailed the number one qualifying spot and had the bye-run in first round. For the most part the reaction were slower than at previous
events this year. Of course during eliminations there were a few good ones and many racers ran close to their respective indexes. Tom Sneden
drove his 440 powered Coronet around Leo Sekulski big 9-second Galaxies, Lucas Ellis profited off the breakout pass of Bob Fort, Jr., who ran
a 9.687 on his 9.70 index, .005 of a second separated
 Mike Reitz and Dan Parson with Reitz coming out on top, Anthony Pappas had a great pass
taking down Dave Stubbs, Pappas’ pass was a smooth .016, 10.351, 10.35 to Stubbs’ breakout 11.654 on a 11.70 index, Tony Silipena made the
race this weekend, but fell to Ed Youmans, Gary Nies and Dan Woods had a great race with Nies claiming the round win, John Warehime got the
win before he left the starting line, when Stevie McBlane fouled with a -.028 red-light, Pat McNulty took the win in a double breakout run, but did
so by only -.001 to Mike Ryan’s 10.391 on a 10.40 index to finish the round.

Second round was split between (5) Mopars, (2) Fords and (2) Chevrolets. As second round concluded there were (3) Mopars, (1) Ford and
(1) Chevrolet left to move into the quarterfinals. Coming through with round wins were; Gary Nies, Dave Reitz, Lucas Ellis, John
Warehime and Ed Youmans, who had the earned bye-run.


Third round, the quarterfinals, and Warehime got the win over Dave Reitz with a .034, 10.201, 10.15 to Reitz better reaction time, .015, 10.869, 10.75,
Youmans had a good .010 light to Nies .079 and ran a 10.448, 10.30 index  and Nies a 10.420 on his 10.30 dial. Lucas Ellis singled to the semifinals.

Needless to say, the semis went quickly with Warehime having the bye-run and Lucas Ellis running dead-on his 11.20 index with an
11.200, .066 to Youmans’ .031, 10.346, 10.30.

The finals were set with the rookie going up against the veteran racer. Warehime got the win when Ellis in his first season of racing and first final
round went red -.011, 11.279, 11.20. Warehime sped to the win with a .086, 10.201, 10.15 index in his 427 powered 1966 Chevelle. ---- GEORGE  CASE

Watch the final here:



RACE 6 Delmar

John Reed claims first ALLSTARs win
Dan Woods runner-up………………….

U.S. 13 Dragway, August 19, 2015– The gang made the trip south to Delmar, Delaware, home of U.S. 13 Dragway owned by the Cathell
family. The track was ready for the onslaught racers and event #6, part of the 422 Allstars Nostalgia Drag Racing Series. We had a fair turnout
of twenty entries with nineteen making first round of eliminations.

John Warehime hailing from Parkville, MD took the top qualifying spot with a .001 reaction time with eventual runner-up Dan Woods filling the
second position .007, Leo Sekulski .012, Tom Sneden .015 and Anthony Pappas respectively rounding out the top five at .018. With nineteen cars
ready for eliminations, Warehime got the bye. Gary Nies eliminated Mike Reitz, Aaron Shipley over Tom Sneden, Al Suhr driving Tony Silipena’s
Fairlane, Dan Woods ended Lucas Ellis’ day, Bill Murphy III in the 422 Motorsports 1962 Mercury beat Bob Fort, Jr., Eddie Youmans taking out
Leo Sekulski, John Reed stopped Tom Grigaliunas chances, Anthony Pappas beat Nick Lillie’s 1964 Galaxie and Mike Ryan
eliminated Dave Reitz in round one.

John Warehime lost out by .001 of a second in a double breakout over Gary Nies with Nies recording a 10.258 on a 10.30 index and Warehime’s
quicker 10.107, 10.15. Aaron Shipley got by Al Suhr, when Suhr red-lighted with a -.016. Next up was Dan Wood as he went up alongside Bill
Murphy III, who succumbed to engine woes. John Reed clicked off a nice pass overpowering Eddie Youmans with a .001, 10.722, 10.70 to Youmans’
.091, 10.286, 10.25. Anthony Pappas red-lighted, but advanced via Dave Reitz also red lighting, but slower dial 10.75 giving the win to Pappas.

The quarters had Gary Nies up besides Aaron Shipley in a double breakout race with Nies breaking out by less 10.280, 10.30 dial, Shipley 11.134,
11.20 index. Dan Woods received the bye-run and John Reed knocked out a .042, 10.728, and 10.70 taking out Anthony Pappas .116,
10.376, 10.35 to move into the semifinals.

The semis had Dan Woods over Nies and Reed singling into the final against Woods.

Reed in his 1967 Dodge got by Woods’ 428 Cobra Jet Mustang to claim his first 422 Allstars’ win.

Next race on the schedule is the rescheduled event #3 from the Maple Grove Raceway rainout in June. Event date
August 26th and as they say, “same place same time!”---- GEORGE  CASE

Watch the final here:




RACE 3 Maple Grove

Aaron Shipley claims another win #2
Gary Nies runner-up spot…………..

Maple Grove Raceway, August 23, 2015 After a rain caused the postponement of Race #3 on June 27th, we were fortunate to be
able to reschedule our event within the “Glory Days” meet on August 23rd. We were amongst a group of other nostalgia styled race cars, so
throughout the day there was plenty of exciting things to view and of course meander around chatting with racing friends. The turnout was
off for the event, but we did have twenty-two show up and twenty making first round of eliminations.

Lucas Ellis, driving the “Damn Yankee” 1964 Dodge nailed the number one qualifying spot, Craig Balmer, John Reed, Wayne Shipley and Dave
Reitz claiming the next four positions. Seems like other than Wayne’s Oldsmobile 442 the Mopar contingent pretty much has the handle on
reaction times or is it the 727 TorqueFlite transmission they run?

Eliminations kicked-off with Mike Ryan and Bob Walker, Sr. being the first pair out. Walker in his 1963 Chevrolet Impala in a double-breakout
race posting a 9.994 elapsed time on his 10-flat index while Mike Ryan ran a little quicker on his 10.35 index at 10.324. Next up was Lucas
Ellis vs. Steve Vargo, Mopar against Ford. Vargo had some trouble and slowed on his 9.70 index running a 10.589 to Ellis’ 11.136 on a 10.10
index. Past champion, John Warehime scored the round win over a red lighting John Reed, Bob Fort, Jr. had a nice .041, 9.526, 9.50 pass to
defeat Wayne Shipley, Aaron Shipley got his first round win when Patrick McNulty broke out with a 10.986 on a 11.00. In a battle of 1964
Chrysler race cars, Gary Nies took the win over Dave Reitz who nailed the tree with .006 reaction time, but slowed on his 10.70 running a
10.951 to Nies .108, 10.280, 10.20 (.075 m.o.v.). Dan Woods secured his berth into round two over Craig Balmer, Tom Sneden had a heads-up
run against Cliff Sebring both dialing 11.10. Sneden ran closer 11.259 to Cliff’s 11.505 elapsed time, Anthony Pappas singled as his opponent
was a no show. Ed Youmans seized the round over Leo Sekulski and Dave Collette finished the round with another single
run due to his opponent’s breakage.

Round two saw Dan Woods, John Warehime, Gary Nies, Aaron Shipley, Tom Sneden along with Lucas Ellis move ahead to
the next round #3, the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals; Six cars remained for the quarters as Nies slid past Wood’s Mustang in a tight race, .036, 10.254, 10.20, .045, 11.022, 10.95,
next up was Aaron Shipley and Lucas Ellis which saw both drivers posting decent reactions time, .056 and .048, but Shipley ran closer 11.178 on
a 11.15 to Ellis’ a 11.113, 11.05. Tom Sneden benefited from Warehime’s too quick break out run 10.093 on a 10.10 dial to Sneden’s 11.135, 11.10.

Semifinals; Gary Nies earned the bye into the finals and Aaron Shipley got the win over a red lighting Tom Sneden.

Finals; In another tight race Aaron Shipley saved the best for last running an 11.155 on his 11.15 index to a close 10.251, 10.20 for the Mopar of
Gary Nies with Shipley notching another win for 2015.

A note; the track prep at the event was superb with Mike Summer’s back at Maple Grove Raceway assisting the staff. Summers is one of the top
track prep technicians in the country after spending many years at Maple Grove, Cecil County Dragway and Numidia, plus giving the folks at
 ATCO Raceway a hand as well…kudos to the MGR crew!  ---- GEORGE  CASE

Watch the final  here:



RACE 5 Beaver Springs

Ed Youmans secures second win of 2015
Dave Reitz rocks runner-up spot…………..

Beaver Springs Dragway August 8, 2015 Good old “Beaver” Bob once again put on a great show, the “Flashback Weekend” with 422
Allstars driver, Ed Youmans, taking the win over Dave Reitz. Ed, the 2011 Allstars Champion, has already claimed a win in the team’s FE powered
1967 Fairlane, so his second of the season pushes him further ahead in the points standings. Dave Reitz who rocked the runner-up spot and going
into to the event was in the 13th place for overall points is now tied for second place with Dave “Hemi” Collette who jump from fourth to second.

The turnout was strong with thirty cars making the first round call. Youmans got things rolling in the first round with a gift, taking out the bright-red
1965 Chevelle Z-16 of Pat McNulty. At the start the race was all McNulty’s who banged out a perfect .000 reaction time, but broke out by .003 seconds
with an 11.097 on his 11.10 index. Youmans was sleeping at the tree with a lethargic .108 r.t., but ran a 10.329 elapsed time on his 10.30 index.
Runner-up, Dave Reitz was also the beneficiary of a round win, when three-time series champion, Kevin Grasson, broke.

Round two saw Youmans with a bye run and single into the quarters. Reitz knocked the 1965 Dodge of Pittsburgh resident, Jim Jones, out of competition
to move him up. Other drivers to advance were, Parson, Collette, Popp, W. Shipley, Reed and Vargo.

The quarterfinals pitted Youmans against the 1967 Comet of Dan Parsons with Youmans again moving up to semifinals, Dave Collette and his wheel
standing Hemi Plymouth Savoy fell to Larry Popp, Steve Vargo eliminated John Reed and Dave Reitz erased Wayne Shipley’s hope of
moving further into eliminations.

With four racers now left in competition; Youmans, Reitz, Popp and Vargo it now became a Ford versus Mopar battle. Reitz continued his winning way
taking out the FE powered Falcon of Steve Vargo and Larry Popp’s 440 Mopar falling to Youmans. The final round, “for the marbles”, was now set
with septuagenarian Dave Reitz facing off with Ed Youmans. When the smoke had cleared, Youmans claimed the victory over Reitz and extended his
championship hopes scoring and additional forty-six points (10T, 6Q, 10E).

Next race; the rescheduled Maple Grove Raceway event Race #3 will be held on Sunday, August 23rd at the “Glory Days” meet, the start of a three
week race series followed by U.S. 13 Race #6 on Sunday, August 30th and Saturday, September 5th Race #7 at Beaver Springs Dragway. As they
say, buckle up as race action will be hot and heavy! 
----George Case

Watch the final  here compliments of Zlumlord Video.



RACE 4 Englishtown

Aaron Shipley takes top honors at “Old Time Drags”
McBlane to runner-up position……………..

Raceway Park, N.J., 2015 – The “Old Time Drags and Rod Run” event held each season at the Raceway Park in Englishtown is definitely one to put
on your yearly schedule especially if you’re a fan of nostalgia drag racing! This year’s event marked the thirty-sixth running and is undoubtedly the first
nostalgia drag racing event to our knowledge run in the country. The track run by the Napp family has become synonymous in the industry and continues
to grow each season. The Old Time Drags event was the brainchild of the now deceased Vincent Napp, who was at the helm of the facility for many years
prior to his passing. Needless to say, the event didn’t disappoint with several hundred period correct race cars, hot rods and muscle cars in attendance,
along with the 422 Allstars, Race #4 (Race #3, Maple Grove Raceway rainout and rescheduled to Sunday, August 23rd.)

A total of twenty-three racers made the field with two drivers recording perfect triple zero (.000) reaction times; Dave Collette and Aaron Shipley. Collette
was the beneficiary of the first round bye via being the first driver to post it. The top five were; Collette, Aaron Shipley, Anthony Pappas, Bob Fort, Jr. and
Lucas Ellis in the fifth position with a .026 reaction time. Included as part of the mid-race ceremonies was acknowledgment for departed racer/friend Ciro
Magione.  Ciro’s wife, Aurora, drove his 1964 Ford Galaxie racecar down the track in tribute! As has been said many time “Godspeed Ciro.”

Round one saw Collette solo into round two, Cliff Sebring taking the win over Pat McNulty, Luke Ellis defeating Wayne Shipley, Leo Sekulski moving past
Al Shur, who was driving Tony Silipena’s Fairlane, Stevie McBlane in Brant Kelley’s Fairlane wagon putting Bob Fort, Jr. on the trailer, Capitol Raceway 2015
winner Gary Nies knocking out Joe DeLoreto, Ed Youmans eliminating team member Frank Pelligrini, Anthony Pappas over Nick Lillie, Dave Reitz over Bill
Murphy, Dan Woods removing Tom Sneden from competition and lastly, Craig Balmer thumping the Chevelle of Mike Ryan.

The second round pitted the Plymouth Hemi of Dave Collette against fellow Mopar maven, Cliff Sebring with Collette coming out on top, Gary Nies versus
Stevie McBlane with McBlane taking the stripe, Dave Reitz scoring the win over Anthony Pappas shoeing “Big Blue”, Eddie Youmans beating Dan Woods,
Aaron Shipley whipping Leo Sekulski and Luke Ellis slashing Craig Palmer’s hopes to close out the round.

Third round or quarter-finals placed Dave Collette beside McBlane with McBlane taking another step ahead, Eddie Youmans over Dave Reitz
and Luke Ellis losing to Aaron Shipley,

Things started getting really interesting in the semis (round #4) with Stevie McBlane overpowering current point’s leader Eddie Youmans and Aaron
Shipley with the bye run into the final.

The final was pure a drag race as Aaron Shipley drove his Oldsmobile to the win jettisoning past Stevie McBlane. The win was Aaron’s first of the season
and of course Stevie McBlane has to be enthused with his great showing!----George Case


RACE 2 Capitol

Gary Nies nails first win of 2015
Mike Ryan rounds out all Mopar final……………..

Capitol Raceway May 23, 2015 The group made their annual slog down to Crofton, MD for Race #2 of the 422 Allstars Drag Racing Series and our
first of two events being held at Capitol Raceway. Turnout was a little light due to several racers repairing broken equipment and a couple not feeling well.

Qualifying went well with multi-time champ, Kevin Grasson, taking the number one position with a strong .013 reaction time, followed by; Dan Woods in his DW
Motorsports Mustang, Mike Ryan, Aaron Shipley, last year’s Capitol winner and Bob Fort, Jr. in his “Jersey Duke II” Plymouth rounding out the top five.

First round got underway with twenty-two cars making the call and start for some great side-by-side racing! At the end of first round several of the racers were
eliminated as the track changed due to the sun going down and the air change. Race number one winner, Ed Youmans was eliminated by Leo Sekulski in a double
breakout run and Anthony Papas (MIR runner-up) taken out by Tom Sneden. Sneden had an awesome .005 reaction time, while Pappas ran too quick on his 10.15
dial posting a 10.109 elapsed time. Other notable runs were Dave Reitz running dead-on his 10.60 with a 10.61 elapsed time knocking out the hopes of Aaron
Shipley. Dave Collette had his Hemi Plymouth running strong also running right on his 9.35 with a 9.351 defeating standout and past champ John Warehime.

Gary Nies led off round two in a great matchup against Cliff Sebring with both Mopar drivers posting reaction times of .031 and .054 respectively with Gary scoring
the win at 10.081 on his 10.05 dial and Cliff a little too quick at 11.340 on his 11.35 index. Mike Ryan, the eventual runner-up lucked out in his run alongside Dave
Collette with Dave pushing the tree to a -.011 red-light foul. Leo Sekulski claimed another round win over Dave Reitz who red-lighted -.059, but once again ran a
10.601 elapsed time on his 10.60 index….talk about consistency! New comer to the series, Chris Relican, from West Virginia seized the win over Wayne Shipley via
Wayne’s -.088 foul. In one of the best races of the day, which pitted Tom Sneden vs. Mike Reitz in the battle of the 1966 Dodge Coronets only .001 of a second
separated the pair at the stripe with Relican nipping the win light with a .031, 11.063, 11.00 to Reitz’s very close .063, 11.432 e.t. on his 11.40 index!
The round was completed with Kevin Grasson making the solo bye run.

With six cars remaining at the start of the quarterfinals Nies again rolled out first to match Chris Relican. Relican broke out with a 9.443 on a 9.45 to Gary’s .075,
10.102 elapsed time on a 10.05. Ryan attained the win when Tom Sneden left way too early with a -.131 reaction time foul and
Sekulski taking the quarter win when Grasson broke.

The semis saw Ryan versus Sekulski with Ryan running a 10.150 on a 10.15 index and Sekulski a 9.542 on a 9.50 index. Nies singled in the semis
earning the opportunity to meet up with Mike Ryan for the final.

The final round placed the two Mopar drivers against one another; Gary Nies wheeling his “Blue Fury” 1964 Plymouth with a .071 margin of victory over the 1969
Plymouth Road Runner of Mike Ryan. Nies; .054, 10.130, 127.78 mph, 10.05 index to Ryan’s .158, 10.197, 133.90, 10.15 index. The run culminated a great day
of racing with excitement to return to Capitol for the 422 Allstar Series Finale event October 17th. As of the completion of Race #2; Mike Ryan and Gary Nies are tied
for first place with 62 points each followed closely by  Ed Youmans and Tom Sneden both with 58 points and Anthony Pappas in the fifth spot at 52 points.

The next event, Race #3, will be held at Maple Grove Raceway on Saturday, June 27th as part of the “Glory Daze” nostalgia event.----George Case




YOUMANS Scores win at first ALLSTAR event of 2015
Pappas claims runner-up spot…………………………………….

Maryland International Raceway April 18/19, 2015 – The weather has finally broken and the 422 Allstars were out in force after
battling the extremely harsh winter again ready to battle one another at race number one held at MIR. Of course, the teams are all
gunning for three time series champion, Kevin Grasson, who claimed his third consecutive title in 2014!

The 422 Allstars officials worked diligently over the winter months speaking to track operators planning race dates for the 2015
race season. After all was said and done, we once again will conduct (9) nine points earning events, plus the non-points
“Flashback Friday” event run at Beaver Springs Dragway on August 7th. Incidentally, race number 5 is the next day (8/8/15), also at
BSD. The schedule will feature two events at Maryland International Raceway and two at Capitol Raceway, both tracks being in Maryland.
What has changed is the second Capitol event will now move to the end of the season and points finale on October 17th. In 2014, the
newly added race at Pittsburgh Raceway Park is now slated to be held on Saturday, September 26th, which is the same weekend as
last year. Also on the schedule is Maple Grove Raceway, Raceway Park (Englishtown), U.S. 13, which has switched organizations and
is now under IHRA ruling. Anyway, we have a full schedule and tried as best as possible to afford several weeks between each points
earning event.

The MIR event started well, but there was call for rain, which thankfully held off and able to get qualifying in on Saturday and run
eliminations on Sunday. When the smoke had cleared, 2011 Allstars Champion denied teammate, Anthony Pappas the win. Youmans
who usually chauffeurs the 1964 Comet of Dave Powers took the win driving the 422 Motorsports 1967 Fairlane. A black beauty running
a single carburetor powered FE with a C4 automatic transmission. Youmans was the picture of consistency in the 10.1’s throughout
the weekend and clobbered the tree in the final with a perfect .000 reaction time posting a 10.115 elapsed time on his 10.05 index.
Pappas driving “Big Blue” pushed the tree in the final matchup with a too quick -.016, 10.458 on a 10.35 index.

The semi-finals saw Pappas with the bye and Youmans taking out Nick Lillie in his 1964 Galaxie. In round number three, Youmans
defeated Dave Collett driving his Ray Barton Racing Hemi 1964 Plymouth Savoy. For those who have not heard, Dave sold his Hemi
1968 “Sox and Martin” inspired Barracuda and is building a 1968 Dodge Dart for competition in NHRA SS/AH. On his side of the ladder,
Pappas got a round win over Tom Sneden via a better reaction time .093 to .198.

Things started getting serious in round two when Anthony Pappas met up with Cliff Sebring. Sebring left first with a .106 r.t, running
an 11.563 elapsed time on his 11.50 dial-in index, while Pappas recorded a .071, 10.438 on a 10.35 index moving him into the next
round. Ed Youmans got the win over new to the series Tom Rakowski. Rakowski who is used to running with a throttle stop, trans-brake
and delay box had everything disconnected per the Allstars’ rules, but gave it up at the start with a .239 reaction allowing Youmans to
move to round three.

Round one pitted Youmans against Bob Fort, Jr. in the “Jersey Duke II” and at the tree it looked like Fort had things wrapped up for
the win clicking off an awesome .003 reaction time, but slowed on his 9.60 index to a 9.874 elapsed time. Youmans dispatched a .042,
10.188 pass on his 10.05 index taking the stripe. Fort was on the tree qualifying with a .001 second reaction time, which tied Tom
Sneden’s .001, but Gary Nies nailed the top spot with a triple .000! Interestingly, the top six qualifying positions
were all Mopars with automatic transmissions yet it was an all Ford semi final.

Noticeably absent were the “Jersey Boys”; Ciro Magione, who passed away in February, plus Chet Cook who is dealing with health
issues.  Our prayers and thoughts for a quick recovery go out to Chet and of course to Ciro’s family!  -- George Case